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Malta is establishing a holistic plan to manage date as an enterpise asset

Publication Date: Jun 14, 2017
As part of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the European Union, Malta is hosting this year’s Semantic Interoperability Conference on data and information management. The conference is being organised through the collaboration between the European Commission’s ISA Programme and MITA. 

Addressing the conference, the Honourable Parliamentary Secretary for the Digital Economy, Financial Services and Innovation, Dr Silvio Schembri said that Malta is establishing a holistic plan for the management of data as an enterprise asset.

Dr Schembri explained that data is the key fundamental layer on which the success of the digital economy depends. He also said that data is widely considered as the fuel of the economy and possibly a new freedom, essential for the achievement of the objectives of the Digital Single Market. 

The Parliamentary Secretary revealed that the National Data Strategy is in an advanced stage of technical consultation and is being designed to harness this new power for the digitisation of processes. 

Regarding the interoperability, Dr Schembri said that this is crucial for both local and cross-border use of services and data. Likewise, it is also important to remove legal and political barriers for the free flow of data. He explained that Malta is currently proposing a system of linked official registers which can serve as the foundation layer on which the main platforms for data re-use and simplification of processes can be built. Dr Schembri said that this layer is important to achieve the Once-Only principle and to achieve personalised and end-to-end public services. 

While admitting that the implementation of such systems may be challenging, Dr Schembri said that there are various ways and means how these objectives can be achieved in the coming three to five years.