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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond its ICT mandate, MITA strives to actively support genuine, social causes.

For this purpose MITA set up a Committee, made up of employees from different departments, whose responsibility is to develop and implement initiatives that help the most needy segments of society.

Every year MITA chooses a specific segment of society whom to support. Through MITA’s and MITA employees’ financial support, the Committee is able to implement diverse initiatives to make a difference in people’s lives.

The Committee also receives and accommodates requests from Non-Government Organisations who already play a key role in society. Generally the requests received are technology-related in one way or another.

Major 2015 initiatives 

The major initiatives during 2015 included monetary donations to ‘L-istrina’, ‘Malta Community Chest Fund’, ‘Puttinu Cares’ and ‘The Alive Cycling Challenge’.

MITA also contributed with the following:

  • Donation of T-shirts to National Blood Transfusion Service
  • Regular donation of blood
  • Mentoring of disabled persons having difficulties with ICT
  • Donation of office furniture to schools and organisations
  • Contribution to the Volleyball Marathon organised by Id-Dar tal-Providenza
  • Donation of desktop licenses to KNPD
  • Donation of PCs and projector to Richmond Foundation
  • Donation of laptops to MCCF
  • Monetary donation to Malta Guide Dog Foundation
  • Donation of laptops and office furniture to MCAST
  • Monetary donation to El Camino De Santiago
  • Donation of laptop to family at Dar Qalb ta’ Gesú
  • Contribution during Puttinu Cares programme organised by Xarabank 
  • Contribution during Puttinu Cares football marathon
  • Assistance to Caritas during Xarabank programme
  • Sponsor of the World Blood Donors Day
  • Donation of laptops to Corradino Correctional Facility
  • Contribution to the President’s Fun Run

Major 2014 initiatives

Monetary donations towards the ‘Malta Community Chest Fund’ and ‘Puttinu Cares’, ‘Maratona bir-Roti’ and ‘President’s Fun Run’.
Other donations included the following:
  • Donation of new and/or second hand PCs and other related IT equipment such as cables, USBs and servers to various NGOs;

  • Blood donations;

  • Organ donation membership;

  • Donations to families and children in need, including baby material, clothes, toys etc;

  • Donation of furniture to both NGOs and families in need;

  • Christmas party for children residing in children’s homes ​

Future initiatives

If you would like to help us help others, or you have a genuine request you’d like to submit, feel free to contact us on​

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