What makes You Fall in Love with a Job?

by | Feb 13, 2020

Written by Loranne Zammit

13 Kickass Factors (other than pay cheque)

Probably I am not the first one to ask you this question, as a friend might have asked you already out of curiosity.Mainly, the common thought reason why people love their job is pay. Rightly so, because that’s why most of us get jobs – to be able to pay bills and to provide food on the table

Is it just so? Reflect and you will realise that there is much more to this!

Here I will be sharing13 factors that made me fall in love with my job at MITA:

  1. The job makes a positive difference

A job that adds value and that leaves a positive impact on society is more likely to provide a higher sense of purpose and of fulfilment, thus increasing one’s commitment towards work.

  1. The organisation’s values align with yours

Your integrity does matter. Make sure not to compromise it every time you walk into the workplace. Further on, having common values helps inspiring one’s best efforts at work.

  1. Personality fit

We have unique personalities that flourish in certain environments – some enjoy working with people, others enjoy completing projects; some enjoy making decisions, others don’t. A job that fits one’s personality style helps one to be content and fulfilled.

  1. Flexible work arrangements

Everyone has diverse commitments and responsibilities. Work flexibility at the workplace is gold, as it enables employees to address work and personal life responsibilities in an easier manner.

  1. Growth opportunities

Ideally a job makes you better and provides you with opportunities for growth. A job that compels you to grow beyond your current skill set will make you a better person.

  1. Appreciation

We all agree that a pay cheque is always nice – but that just goes straight to the bank! Having a job where appreciation is demonstrated is vital, because appreciation is something that employees carry within their soul every day. Appreciation can be showed through respect, surprising gifts or with just a simple “thank you”. 

  1. Trust

Trust is an acquired privilege that one must work for. Allow yourself to develop a sound relationship at work so to gradually nurture trust to foster long healthy relationships at work.

8. Something you find interesting

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. We’ve all heard this outlook several times. To what extent is this advice true? Will finding a job that you’re insanely passionate about makes you feel like being on a tropical vacation? No, not really. It is perfectly fine to love your job and at the same time recognise the fact that it is hard work. Having a job that keeps you motivated by its nature and not solely by the pay cheque is crucial, because the latter wears off real fast.

  1. Flexible organisational culture

An organisation which has a flexible organisational culture suggests a result-driven focus; a culture which is more interested in you successfully completing your job in a professional way, rather than clocking a number of hours per week.

  1. Healthy workplace

A large percentage of the day is spent at work, thus having a pleasant work environment is a must. A healthy work environment is free from gossip and negativity. To stay happy at work, spend your time with people with whom you resonate or like. It feels good to have fun, laugh and chill out.

  1. Values family

Since you value your family, it feels fantastic that your job supports and understands family needs and circumstances.

  1. Brings balance to life

A job that allows you to explore other personal endeavours (family/studies/interests/hobbies) is healthy for your body, soul and life. Having a job that allows you to enjoy life outside work is highly beneficial.

  1. Brings you satisfaction

A job that enables you to look back at your day, your year and your life (work and personal) with satisfaction is a blessing … daring to say more valuable than any number of digits in the bank account.

Hopefully, next time you are asked about what makes you love your job, you will have more than a dozen of fantastic answers which go beyond just pay.

A job that enables you to look back at your day, your year and your life (work and personal) with satisfaction is a blessing … daring to say more valuable than any number of digits in the bank account.


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