Environment Award for Industry 2019 for Sustainable Development

by | Mar 5, 2020

Written by Wayne Valentine

The Malta Information Technology Agency continues its “GREEN” journey by achieving the Environment Award for Industry 2019 for “Sustainable Development”.

The acknowledgment received by the Cleaner Technology Centre during its 10th edition of the Environment Award for Industry 2019 continues to demonstrate MITA’s tangible commitment towards effective Environmental Sustainability.

Throughout the past years, MITA has adopted a cleaner and a more efficient practice to its corporate-wide operations to conserve energy and natural resources, as well as initiatives that reduce negative impacts on the environment.

These initiatives cover a correct waste management system, the utilization of solar energy to create power for its operations, the reduction in transport emissions and the introduction to the agency of competent figures to maintain and monitor the environment, as required by law and international standards.

Malta Information Technology Agency is proud of its environmental achievements and is committed to the challenge of continually improving and reducing its environmental impact.​


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