MITA shares its Digital Heart commitment with Dar tal-Providenza

by | Mar 12, 2020

Written by MITA

Everyone is aware of the invaluable contribution that Dar tal-Providenza gives to the Maltese society in general, particularly to persons with disabilities residing at Siggiewi home and within other homes that are spread across the Maltese islands.

Dar tal-Providenza provides a warm and family-like environment for persons with disabilities aimed directly at social inclusion and enjoy the quality of life within the community.

Currently, Id-Dar tal-Providenza hosts just over hundred residents and also offers respite services on a regular bass to families of persons with disabilities.

Id-Dar tal-Providenza relies to a very large extent on the generosity of its benefactors and the public donations it receives to live up to its mission.

In this context, MITA Cares embarked on discussions with Dar tal-Providenza administration to assist on a well-needed project to upgrade its ICT networking infrastructure with its campus.

Following preliminary site-visits, it was clearly established that the previous ICT setup mandated a complete overhaul to address today’s and future operational needs within the campus.

In addressing these needs, MITA Cares undertook this assignment as a Corporate Social Responsibility project – Total ICT networking infrastructure upgrade at Dar tal-Providenza encompassing all aspects of the project lifecycle including design, costing, funding, implementation and training.

The project aims to specifically address the following requirements:

  • Upgrade of the network performance both in terms of bandwidth and reliability;
  • WIFI deployment across all campus to cater for administration purposes;
  • Free public Internet use to residents, staff, volunteers and more equally visitors.

Following a 12-month implementation programme, the newly deployed ICT networking infrastructure at Dar tal-Providenza includes over 10 km of data cable, over 400 data points, state of the art networking backend infrastructure and over 60 WIFI access points to cover all areas within the campus.

“Dar tal-Providenza is now equipped with Free Public Internet for all residents and visitors”

This is the largest CSR investment of MITA Cares over the past years. This substantial investment was a strong commitment both financially and direct contribution from MITA employees who were directly involved in the installation process.

Over 2,000 voluntary hours of effort were provided by MITA employees together with other monetary donations and fundraising held during various team building events.

MITA Cares has invested in the Dar tal-Providenza because of two key reasons:

  • The invaluable contribution the Dar tal-Providenza provides towards the Maltese society;
  • In strong recognition to the support provided to an ex-MITA employee, Debbie Schembri who was one of the first residents at this home and lived in for over 40 years.

Throughout this project journey, MITA Cares was strongly supported by its Board of Directors, Senior Management and MITA employees. MITA is honored to have partnered with Dar tal-Providenza for this tangible CSR assignment.

Thanks to this support, MITA has once again demonstrated its Digital Heart commitment to the Maltese society in general.​

“Dar tal-Providenza is now equipped with Free Public Internet for all residents and visitors”


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