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by | Mar 19, 2020


Written by Mariano Debono

For the Government of Malta technology is a key factor for the transformation in Public Service Administration. Decisions related to the new emerging technologies as the modernisation of the desktop tools, cloud services, artificial intelligence and blockchain are being addressed to make the shift for a digital Public Administration. Key technology decisions that are all congruous to the National Digital strategy 2014-2020.

Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) as the extended delivery arm for ICT for the Government of Malta is currently leading and managing a major initiative across the Public Service Administration to create a modern and secure digital workspace for public service employees. A workspace that is user-centric based on collaboration and mobility.The main key components of the Modern Workplace Initiative are Technology and Licensing. In terms of core desktop software licenses, the Government is shifting it’s licensing landscape. From a model of perpetual per device licenses to a licensing model of type subscription base and per-user model. Regarding technology, end users are being provided with a standard platform based on modern applications and online services.

Network Operation Centre

This initiative is another step towards the digital transformation in the Public Service Administration.  It will enhance further the level of service delivered, by creating a work environment that allows flexibility to work anywhere, anytime and most importantly on any device in a secure manner. Each Government employee is being empowered with a digital workspace based on a Microsoft Technology platform of Microsoft 365 complement with the enablement of online services.

The implementation of this change is not only about technology but primarily it is about the employees. With the introduction of this modern technology, the way we work is being changed. Each employee is becoming more connected while using multi-devices (such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc) with one single user identity.

In the adoption process, the awareness process through end-user engagement is a key factor for its success. Active and visible participation with end-users is critical. Continuous direct communication with end-users is a must to build a strong coalition to minimize resistance to change. Throughout the implementation process (works still in progress) a number of seminars, interactive workshops and presentations were held with key stakeholders coming from different sectors of the Public Service Administration and end-users. The engagement and participation of all people involved in this change are crucial to drive the usage of modern tools. Identify modern work practices and builds work scenarios to know when and how to apply modern tools.

To support awareness and readiness, different streams of training plans are available. Such as traditional class style training to provide face to face interaction. A training programme managed by the Institute of Public Service. Through Microsoft, Teams end-users are provided with a set of pre-recorded webinars. A webinar on each application deployed. These webinars are complemented with an Online Training site, that offers in one place different already available Microsoft training material. As short videos, quick start quicks and F&Qs.

Recently, the Office365 Champions Programme was introduced. The idea is to build a Microsoft 365 community across the Public Service Administration. So that different users are being identified from different business and service units, to act as Champions. The role of the Champions is to influence their peers using modern tools, influence new ways of working and possibly identify solutions. And provide feedback to the project management team to keep improving employees daily journey and employees experience,

The role of the Champions is to influence their peers using modern tools, influence new ways of working and possibly identify solutions.

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