Prime Minister visit at MITA Data Centre

by | Jun 20, 2020

Prime Minister Robert Abela, accompanied by the Minister of Financial Services Edward Scicluna and Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy Clayton Bartolo, visited MITA offices at Santa Venera.

On his arrival, the Prime Minister thanked various employees for their intensive work done during the last few months.

MITA Executive Chairman Tony Sultana, stated how MITA has remained strong over the past years, and with the new modern and advanced technology, it will continue to improve its operations. Although one may think that MITA only has a technological function it is much more than that. MITA includes more functions such as the social aspect which affects thousands of families. A concrete example was the investment done for Dar tal-Providenza where all the residents and visitors now have free internet access 24/7. This showed how MITA is committed to contributing towards the social aspect thanks to its employees who were part of this process.

MITA employees have showed great dedication by working over 2000 hours as voluntary work, which were spread over team-building events and other similar activities.

The Prime Minister noticed that the work done by MITA employees is done through passion and dedication. The Prime Minister thanked Mr.Tony Sultana and all the team for their continuous work not only for the past few months but for all the work done throughout the years.

Parliamentary Secretary Clayton Bartolo remarked that the work done by MITA is evolving more than simply the Government’s technological infrastructure. The Parliamentary Secretary stated that the same agency during the last few months has gained a social dimensional role. Parliamentary Secretary Clayton Bartolo finished his statement by saying, “We have to make sure that since the world is becoming more digital, our society benefits from all the initiatives and services provided by the government in this regard.”

Minister Edward Scicluna stated that MITA is not only respected by people who use their services but also by the general public. This was gained through, the professional way that MITA is being run, its employees’ competence and abilities and also for the services being offered day and night.


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