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by | Sep 15, 2020

This year MITA is commemorating its 30th Anniversary since its establishment (formally MSU and MITTS).  Throughout these past 30 years, we have witnessed huge advances in technology which have fundamentally changed both the way we do business and our personal lives.  Our Agency has been at the forefront of these events and has been actively seeking new opportunities to lead Government through its digital transformation, making best use of these technologies. 

We have gone from the introduction of email and internet for Government, to the setting up of network infrastructure and data centres, and to the building of information systems, web and mobile applications.  We are now embarking on a journey to transform our information systems and infrastructure to be cloud native and leveraging the power of artificial intelligence for optimal business benefits, whilst improving our security posture and cyber defence capabilities, making sure we are ready for modern day threats.

This year MITA is also consolidating the attainment of our current three-year Strategic Plan for the period 2018 – 2020.  The Strategic Plan aimed to continue to support Government in the implementation of innovative technologies that better serve citizens and businesses.  This has, in turn, empowered the Public Administration to contribute in the strengthening of the digital economy.  While building upon the momentum of refreshing technologies and improving services according to the changing business and operational needs of clients, the strategy focused on finding new emerging technologies that can be exploited by Government to transform its business processes.  This offered growth potential to MITA’s workforce, whose talent delivers results.

MITA has established an Action Team to draft a new three-year Strategic Plan for the upcoming period 2021 – 2023.  We aim to continue to combine insights, creativity and technology to provide Public Administration with solutions and services that continue build upon our success in the attainment of digital government.  We plan to remain a protagonist in the setting of new digital strategies and will continue to support Government and the Public Administration in achieving the current strategies including, Digital Malta Strategy, Mobile Government Strategy, Cyber Security Strategy, Malta AI Strategy and Mapping Tomorrow – A strategic plan for the Digital Transformation of the Public Administration in Malta.  

MITA has now been assigned within the portfolio of the Ministry for Finance and Financial Services.  We will therefore be collaborating with Hon. Minster Prof. Edward Scicluna and Hon. Clayton Bartolo, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy.

MITA is also working towards the modernisation of public sector ecosystems.  This is being achieved through our continuous major investment, including the provision of Modern Workplace Office Solution, a new Identity and Access Management Solution, a powerful Workflow Management Solution, whilst maintaining our current solutions and services, such as email, in line with respective product development paths.  We are executing our roadmaps for the modernisation of Government’s major core information systems, including Taxation, Social Services, Customs and Justice, to benefit from modern information systems development concepts that reap the potential of our Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure implementation.

We aim to remain the Government and Public Administration ICT consultancy arm, providing the required expertise to further enhance the citizen and business centric public services.  We do this in collaboration with local and foreign ICT stakeholders.  We are actively looking for opportunities to implement innovative technologies in the Public Administration, such as AI and IOT, that serve as enablers for the digital economy.  Above all, our priority remains to protect Government’s digital assets.  MITA’s investment in Information Security tools and resources has increased alongside technology advances to boost our capacity, capability and sophistication to protect our enterprise network and data landscape against threats.

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we look back at our history with pride, and look forward to implementing these initiatives, giving a future to our history, in the service of the public.

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we look back at our history with pride, and look forward to implementing these initiatives, giving a future to our history, in the service of the public.

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