More than just a New Look…together we are moving forward

by | Oct 1, 2020


Written by Clive Farrugia

Our Digital Future >

Generally, everyone knows that MITA is the central driver for Information Technology within Government. How much is this true?

MITA is not only the mind but many times the arms and legs behind Malta’s Digital Future.

MITA has the responsibility of assuring that all critical systems are up and running 24/7. Our government cannot operate effectively without ICT featuring in our health care systems, in our ministries and departments and in numerous other mission critical systems. It’s no news that technology now features everywhere, and we at MITA are involved in securing the best possible use of these technological systems in our social, economic and business fora.

What does it mean to be part of our identity >

Our identity consists of being the main key player in all Government’s ICT strategies. We are committed in Shaping our Digital future by providing our expertise in planning and implementing key ICT strategies.

MITA supports all the public sector when it comes to ICT initiatives. We have been entrusted with Nationwide initiatives, such as CHOGM, the Maltese Presidency of the EU and several other summits whilst helping several NGO’s through our Digital Heart, the MITA Cares. Supporting our Digital future is our priority.

Our employees are tech people dedicated and passionate towards ensuring the best possible ICT services and infrastructure for government. We are committed in Securing our Digital Future by providing also a secure ICT Government.

Our Digital Future

MITA – Moving Forward >

This year we are celebrating 30 years of history; a past which is part of our journey. A journey which will continue to move forward by maximising opportunities and achieving outstanding results in a modern ICT ecosystem.

This journey is part of a never-ending continuum – to introduce, maintain and refresh infrastructure solutions, including software, hardware, network, data centre and storage facilities through physical and virtual (i.e. remote) assets.

Our organisational values – people, empowerment, professionalism, client focus and continuous improvement, are our beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive our Agency.  They are entrenched in our culture as we collaborate and work towards achieving our ambitious goals. Our employees are our greatest assets. They are the heart of our Agency, pumping their talent as lifeblood for the Agency to continuously change and live up to new challenging ideas and opportunities that come along.

Today we are launching our new look…a look that portrays our incessant drive to build upon our past, focus on our future as we make way on our Journey.

Today we are launching our new look…a look that portrays our incessant drive to build upon our past, focus on our future as we make way on our Journey.

Our digital Future

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