MITA’s procurement outlook for 2021: Opportunities for the IT Sector

by | Dec 23, 2020


Written by Karina Di Maggio

The new year will once again see the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) engaged in numerous procurement activities, which should be of great interest to economic operators involved in the IT Sector, both locally and abroad.

Procurement of Microsoft Licenses and Services

In the coming weeks, MITA shall issue a competitive call for tenders for the establishment of a central procurement framework on behalf of the Government of Malta with one authorised Microsoft Licensing Solution Partner (LSP). This central procurement framework will facilitate the procurement of additional Microsoft licenses (Perpetual and Subscription) and renew the right to benefit on the current Government licensing landscape for the next three years including:

  • renewal of Software Assurance for desktop perpetual licenses;
  • renewal of Software Assurance for server perpetual licenses;
  • renewal of subscription licenses and Services fees;
  • extending Services of MS Azure;
  • extending Digital Advisory Service programme;
  • extending Premier Support programme.

  • The estimated budget of this tender shall exceed EUR 20 million excluding VAT.

    Central Procurement of Hardware

    MITA shall also be issuing a series of open calls for tenders throughout the year for the procurement of a variety of workstations (personal computers, standard laptops, high-specification laptops, ultra-portables). Through this aggregation of purchase, MITA manages to secure very competitive prices through economies of scale, whilst also easing the procurement sourcing cycle for Government Departments and Entities.

    Through its Central Purchasing Body function, MITA has also moved towards providing the Public Service and Public Sector with an enabling framework for the purchase of Local Area Network (LAN) switches. During the new year, a second enabling framework is to be finalized, related to the purchase of wireless equipment including wireless access points and controllers. Both framework contracts similarly aim to offer Government Departments and Entities a leaner method of sourcing this hardware, at a significantly reduced price.

    Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)

    Once the make and models of LAN switches and wireless equipment are determined, MITA shall establish a DPS in order to identify suppliers that can provide on-site ICT/Network services, amongst which the configuration and the installation of equipment identified in the frameworks. MITA and any Government Ministries that will require LAN or wireless equipment implementations within new sites, or related modifications to existing sites, will avail themselves of this DPS in order to issue specific contracts to identify a suitable DPS participant to carry out the necessary installation works.

    This DPS follows other Systems that have already been established by the Agency, including the provision of temporary IT resources to MITA (aggregate value of €2.7 million, established up to 2022), the procurement of printers, scanners and related supplies (aggregate value of €500,000 established up to 2024), and the procurement of software development services (aggregate value of €4 million, established up to 2023), which will continue to be used by MITA and other Government Contracting Authorities to procure the necessary services and supplies.

Procurement 2


Economic operators should ensure they request admittance to DPS of direct interest to their area of activity, so as to maximize on the potential benefits of such a procedure.

Seeing to MITA’s needs

Closer to home, 2021 will see the fresh call for tenders for the procurement of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution for the Agency. MITA also engages in procurement that is not related to IT, and a notable upcoming procurement call shall relate to the provision of financial audit services.

Updates and Resources

You are encouraged to visit MITA’s Procurement Website – – in order to stay abreast with the Agency’s procurement initiatives. The site offers the facility to view MITA’s procurement outlook, as well as having a repository of resources, particularly regarding the various established DPS. You can also sign up to receive email alerts whenever an outlook notice, a new tender, or a new event is published on the website.

If you are interested in the Agency’s procurement activities, you are also to ensure that you are familiar with, and have an active account for Malta’s Electronic Public Procurement System ( so as to avoid any last-minute hassle to prepare and submit your tender offer

MITA also engages in procurement that is not related to IT, and a notable upcoming procurement call shall relate to the provision of financial audit services.


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