Moving Forward -> Technology an enabler for Change – MITA’s Client Relationship perspective

by | Jan 14, 2021


Written by Andre Damato

MITA stepped into 2021 fresh from its recent 30th Anniversary in 2020. Over the years Malta’s government ICT organisation, MITA, has evolved from a company focusing on supporting Public Service reform to a multi-faceted Agency holding a pivotal role in the evolution of Malta into a world class information society and economy.  Today, the Agency’s client base is Malta’s Public Service and Sector, where it provisions digital services to all Ministries and nearly all public bodies.  

Understandingly provisioning and managing hundreds of information systems efficiently and securely is no easy feat, especially when services need to be provided around the clock and when such services are vital for public service delivery.  

Backed with its expertise as a mature organisation and as a trail brazier of best practices and innovation in the corporate ICT and Public Service scene, MITA has managed to build human resource talent and technical infrastructure platforms which allow government to act agilely and productively in an ever-evolving working environment and Public Administration.  

Globally, the COVID-19 situation has impacted the work environment and work processes of millions of workers, Malta and Malta’s Public Sector being no exception.   Thousands of Public Sector employees moved towards working remotely; whilst the use of government online services by the general public and businesses rocketed.  MITA’s provision of various digital technologies, tools and platforms acted as an enabler towards such developments whereby government administration could keep productivity while not compromising on quality and security.  The demands on the Agency grew further as Malta took various measures needing the support of ICT infrastructure and systems.  In parallel with the provision of tools and services, MITA was also involved in the supporting the Health Ministry directly in initiatives ranging from the Swab Test centers to the delivery of the COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Mobile App. 

thirty years of MITA

MITA’s strong client relationship is pivotal towards ensuring that government’s needs can be met efficiently and effectively.  Being client focused is our key to success, whilst providing 24/7 Call Centre services, a dedicated Customer Care function, and having various specialised teams for Service Provision and Improvement, MITA also has a dedicated team of Client Relationship Managers who work daily towards developing and strengthening relationships with government stakeholders.

The pandemic has enhanced the need for governments to be agile and be ready for change, while working towards providing services of excellence.  Governments now appreciate more the importance of service innovation and preparedness.  Locally, digital technology was key in achieving business continuity for various business, government and essential services such as education.  Moving Forward, MITA looks towards continuing to partner with Malta’s government towards the provision of excellent customer care and value-added services to the general public being Maltese citizens, practitioners and businesses. 

As an Agency we look forward towards supporting government in providing solutions and services which are accessible and user-friendly as much as possible, leveraging a modern digital ecosystem and contributing towards the definition and execution of the Government’s digital strategies that sustain a modern digital economy.


MITA’s strong client relationship is pivotal towards ensuring that government’s needs can be met efficiently and effectively.  

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