Launch of MITA Strategy 2021 -2023

by | Feb 3, 2021


Written by MITA

A strategy that will strengthen our digitalisation programme.

This strategy targets to provide extensive Information and Communications Technology services to support Government, enrich economic competitiveness and improve citizens’ well-being.  This plan will lead us to build upon our thirty years of success in delivering, managing, and maintaining digital solutions and services for Government. 

We are ready to rise to the challenge. As technology evolves, we will shape our digital future by embarking on new ventures and continue to embrace digital in order to modernise and streamline processes and services. We will continue to invest in datacentre infrastructure and services, and utilise cloud technologies, to deploy diverse solutions and meet agility and scalability needs.

We can only achieve this through your talent and the earned trust of our clients. This plan will enable us to build upon our achievements in order to master our digital future.

Launch of MITA Strategy 2021 -2023


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