Student Placement Programme – The experience of new employers

by | Sep 13, 2021


Written by Andrea Mallia

The Student Placement Programme (SPP) is an annual, mutually beneficial programme for ICT and ICT related students and employers of all sectors during the summer season. This year’s programme will be officially ending next week.

The programme aims to reduce the mismatch between supply and demand for ICT skills in the Maltese labour market.  With the help of this programme employers can have a more diversified workforce as they employ new generations with new talents and a variety of ideas into their organisation. 

With an investment of over €750,000 in student salaries, a total number of  396 students and 113 employers benefited from the programme. This year, to reduce the financial burden that came about due to the pandemic, MITA will be reimbursing 75% of the students salary to private employers and 100% of the salary cost to the NGOs and public sector.

The following shows the statistics in which sectors the students were placed, and how many employers from each sector benefited from this year’s programme:


This year we had a total of 25 new employers, 6 from NGOs and 19 from the private sector. We reached out to some of these organisations to voice out what they think about the Student Placement Programme:



If you would like more information about the Student Placement Programme please send us an email on [email protected] to assist you.


The Student Placement Programme (SPP) is an annual, mutually beneficial programme for ICT and ICT related students and employers of all sectors during the summer season. 


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