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by | Nov 12, 2021


Written by Matthew Catania

One of the primary activities within service management is the engagement with the consumer of the given organization. Effectively managing demand presented by an existing or potential consumer of a product or service, whether internal or external, is pivotal to ensuring healthy and mutually valuable relationships.

A service management framework within the organization would take a holistic view to ensure that the required resources are allocated and be capable to cater for the varying types of demand. By resources we do not intend only human resources but also technology, value streams as well as third parties involved in the ecosystem, amongst others. 

Despite the preparation and management of such resources, the organization must be also well positioned to cater for situations with dissatisfied consumers. The causes vary. Consumers may feel that a service was not up to the required levels because of ineffective procedures, misconfigured technology, missed service levels, unprepared personnel, or a myriad of other reasons.

The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) has taken steps to ensure a structured approach for handling these situations. The Customer Care Team is a dedicated unit focused on managing what may be categorized as complaints. These trigger a value stream where the feedback is evaluated, stakeholders are mobilized and improvement is overseen where applicable.

call centre

The available channels mainly include telephone lines manned round the clock, a dedicated mailbox, as well as the ability to submit feedback through a one-touch survey after any given issue is addressed and the respective ticket is solved.

Notwithstanding confirmed figures portraying a general sense of well-being across the user base, MITA takes every feedback which is considered as a complaint very seriously. The reasoning behind this is that complaints may be a source of improvement. Once any organization stops listening to its consumers and ceases to improve, it detaches itself from the business needs and gradually becomes irrelevant. The objective of giving high importance to the voice of the customer and acting upon it, is pivotal within MITA’s culture.

The unit continues to evolve, ensuring that the business needs where not met, are addressed through the contribution of various parties, with the objective of continual improvement and delivering positive consumer experience.

The MITA Customer Care Unit is part of the Service Management Department and is reachable via telephone on +356 2599 2777 (ext. 2) or via email on [email protected].



The MITA Customer Care Unit is part of the Service Management Department and is reachable via telephone on +356 2599 2777 (ext. 2) or via email on [email protected].




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