The use of Shared Information Systems in the digitalisation of Government services

by | May 31, 2022


Written by Paul Cocks

There is so much more to MITA than just maintaining the Government of Malta’s network and online services.

 MaltaToday spoke to Paul Galea and Darren Mizzi, who work within the eGovernment and Corporate Solutions Department (ECSD), to understand why they joined the Agency and how the jobs they, and their teams, do on a daily basis affects the everyday life of the general public


Paul, you are a project manager within the ECSD. What made you decide to join MITA?

PG: I joined MITA in 1991, that is over 30 years ago, first as a software developer but within a few years, quickly moved onto management roles. My areas of expertise are software development, implementation, management and support together with supplier management of government-wide systems, with a large focus on payroll and HR systems. When I joined MITA as a fresh university computing graduate, it  felt like my country was calling me. I answered that call to be an integral part as an agent of change within the information technology arena and never looked back.


Darren, was it always your plan to join this IT arena?

DM: My background has always been somehow in touch with eServices; so ePayments, eID, Web Portals and eGovernment in general. It is what I like, and it is what I do. Today I have garnered enough expertise to contribute at this level. I am the eGov Shared Services Consultant within the ECSD. I have been within this department for nearly five years but have been with MITA for 11 years in total also working on Electronic Identity and Biometric Passports amongst other projects, with a short spell in between within the telecoms industry and starting my career with an online payment provider..



And what is your role within MITA?

DM: I am mostly focused on Shared eServices, forming part of the eGov Shared Services Team, that is responsible for services related to business process automation, online payments, SMS and Email Notifications, Mobile Applications and EU Benchmarking. These eGov Shared Services are revolutionary because they are constantly driving innovation and allowing the Government of Malta to work efficiently. By way of example, the business automation tools are providing the opportunity to the Government of Malta to automate processes and achieve administrative simplification.


Paul, your team focuses on payroll and HR systems… indispensable services. What features do you offer?

PG: My team is focused primarily on payroll for all government employees and students and HR-related systems plus DocReg, which is a file registry system. All these are solutions which MITA assists Government in offering them as corporate services across Government. Apart from payroll, these include modules such as absences, performance appraisals, discipline, skills, qualifications and training. There are also a number of other systems, such as the mypersonalkiosk, which is the portal used by government employees to access their personal data, which is the government official recruitment portal (both for internal and external recruitment) and the “Join the Public Service” mobile application.


Darren, what does it mean to work at MITA?

DM: I am very proud to be working with MITA. It is much like an identity to me, as if I assimilate myself with the Agency and thus have a lot of self-belonging. We are like a family, and it is great to work here. Seeing a lot of our work coming to fruition on a national scale, knowing that behind them there are initiatives and/or platforms that you have worked on, is very rewarding to say the least.


Paul, how is working for MITA? Do you get a chance to pursue further training and advancement?

PG: I have two families, one at home and one at work. Like in any family, life at MITA is far from boring with change constantly pushing the boundaries of my relationships with people I am in contact with, be they colleagues, clients or suppliers. MITA gave me the opportunity to learn and work on projects at local and national level. I have always been a dreamer, and today, if you dream of a big and relevant career, MITA is the answer.



There is so much more to MITA than just maintaining the Government of Malta’s network and online services.


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