MITA Cares Committee

by | May 25, 2023

The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) has driven countless projects and initiatives ultimately resulting in improvements across Government services offered to the respective consumers. 

The Agency is in fact well known for its wide contribution to the national wellbeing over the past three decades.

Complementing this contribution, MITA also ensures it meets its corporate social responsibility, driven by the MITA Cares Committee. Defined by a statute, the Committee is a nine-member team who allocates time and effort to respond to social requests including internal assistance for qualifying situations.

Serving a three-year term and elected via internal voting, the Committee works with various non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to create value which can take various forms including financial, and a range of voluntary contributions. The contributions are directed via an internal protocol which outlines the parameters within which requests are accommodated or otherwise. Typical requests reaching the Committee include those from warranted professionals, relaying specific social situations to determine if and how, MITA Cares can intervene and provide support. All operations are brought in front of the Committee for approval or otherwise, based on which the final decision is reached.

The work, and therefore the ability to contribute to various stakeholders, largely relies on internal fund-raising activities. To this extent, the Committee also somewhat serves the purpose of being a Social Committee within MITA. This implies the need to plan and organise events which range from physical activities to distribution of items amongst others. For instance, in the past year the Committee has driven events such as the MITA Christmas Party for children, distribution of items in line with calendar events such as Carnival and Easter, and others. All these are done with a two-fold intent: to add a twist of fun to MITA employees, while also collecting funds for more value-adding output.

The Committee also contributes to various live telethons organised by various NGOs. This is primarily done by managing pledges and other aspects such as despatching of collectors. These events are also planned and executed thanks to the kind-hearted MITA employees who opt to volunteer and be away from their families to join such noble events for long hours.

The aim of the Committee is to continue moving forward and create general good across all society. It works incessantly on exploring new avenues to help charities, but also other aspects of society by contributing to the community in other forms.

The MITA Cares Committee can be reached on [email protected] and more information is available through


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