MITA’s experience during the 2023 Freshers’ Week

by | Oct 30, 2023

A whirlwind of excitement, nervous energy, and endless possibilities. This year, our agency embarked on a journey unlike any other, one that involved not just engaging with bright young minds, but also entertaining and learning from them.

As I reflect on this unforgettable week, I find myself brimming with gratitude for the students, my colleagues, and the newfound understanding of the future that lies in the hands of these passionate young adults.

First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my colleagues and our management for their unwavering support and motivation. It was their encouragement that propelled us to think outside the box and create an interactive and entertaining stand, a first for our agency. This feat was achieved through the seamless collaboration between our marketing and HR teams. Together, we conceptualised and brought to life three unique experiences: Jenga, Basketball, and Rip tab. Little did we know that these activities would not only serve as team-building exercises for us but also become a magnet for the brightest, most energetic, and ambitious students from diverse fields.

To all the students who visited our stand, I say thank you and well done on your current achievements. Your enthusiasm and determination were contagious, making our Freshers’ Week truly memorable. Your sharp intellect and quick wit kept us on our toes, leaving us in awe of your potential. You managed to drain our social batteries with your endless questions and engaging conversations, and for that, we salute you!

One of the most inspiring aspects of this experience was witnessing the resilience of these young minds. Many students shared stories of changing courses or schools, of pursuing their passions despite initial setbacks. Their courage to forge a new path, to redefine their academic journey, was nothing short of inspiring. They reminded us that it’s never too late to change direction, to seek a more fitting course, and to shape their own destinies.

The cultural diversity and varied educational backgrounds of the students were eye-opening. We learned that today’s students are not just seekers of knowledge; they are creators of their own future. What struck me the most was the proactive approach of these young individuals. Young adults confidently inquired about internships, apprenticeships, and part-time work opportunities, showcasing a level of maturity and responsibility that was truly commendable. Malta’s future is undoubtedly in the hands of these bright, empowered, and creative individuals.

Yes, Freshers Week was more exhausting than a regular day at the office, but it was also infinitely more rewarding. The experience exposed us to a multitude of perspectives and ideas, reminding us of the importance of staying connected with the younger generation. For any organisation, attending such events is not just beneficial; it’s essential. Engaging with students in this manner not only allows us to share our knowledge but also provides us with invaluable insights into the future leaders of our society.

As Freshers Week drew to a close, I found myself filled with hope and optimism. The future, as evidenced by these exceptional students, is indeed in capable hands. To all the bright young minds we met – good luck on your journey, and never forget: you have the power to shape your own destiny. Thank you for an inspiring week, and here’s to a future filled with endless possibilities! 



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