In the future, Governments will be increasingly driven by data’ – MITA CEO Emanuel Darmanin

by | Nov 28, 2023

Emanuel Darmanin’s journey at MITA reflects a lifelong passion for technology. Starting in an era when IT was in its infancy, his fascination led him to build his first computer and eventually become the CEO of MITA. 

His leadership philosophy emphasizes delivering on the agency’s mission without letting individuals burn out, promoting a healthy work-life balance.

MITA’s responsibilities extend beyond being the government’s IT supplier. They drive wider digitalization strategies, handle data hosting for thousands of public service users, and oversee various tools and applications used by the public.

Mr. Darmanin emphasises the Agency’s role in generating awareness about digitalisation and advocating for the responsible use of powerful tools while ensuring cybersecurity. Looking ahead, he sees a data-driven future for governments, necessitating robust infrastructure and cybersecurity measures. However, he acknowledges that the primary challenges will revolve around human resources, emphasising the importance of motivated and qualified staff and advocating for a supportive work environment. When it comes to the business sector, he shared his advice to the business leaders to embrace technology to enhance services and value for clients, while considering long-term benefits and costs.

Mr. Darmanin’s leadership at MITA is marked by a vision for digital advancement, a focus on people, and a commitment to leveraging technology for societal progress.


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