‘Small and large businesses alike need to improve their cybersecurity’ – MITA’s Katia Bonello

by | Dec 4, 2023

A recent survey conducted by MITA revealed vulnerabilities in Maltese businesses regarding cybersecurity readiness. Approximately half of the respondents do not adhere to best practices, making them attractive targets for cyber-attacks.

MITA’s project manager, Katia Bonello, stresses the severity of the threat, citing potential devastating impacts such as data theft and GDPR penalties for mishandling sensitive data.

To support local businesses in strengthening their defenses, MITA’s National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre (NCC) facilitates engagement with EU cybersecurity projects. The NCC collaborates with various entities like the Malta Council for Science and Technology and Tech.mt to assist businesses in accessing funds and resources for cybersecurity initiatives.

One such initiative, CYBER+ALT, offers grants of up to €60,000 to implement cybersecurity solutions, encouraging businesses to invest in protective measures. The NCC also guides suitable cybersecurity defenses tailored to individual business operations and aids in grant application writing.

In addition to financial support, the NCC aims to strengthen Malta’s cybersecurity environment by fostering a national cybersecurity community and gathering specialists to enhance cybersecurity across the islands. Furthermore, their Cybersecurity Skilling program offers training opportunities for aspiring and existing cybersecurity professionals, aiming to address skill shortages in the field.

In November MITA together with National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre organised the Cyber Root conference, where international speakers and panels were invited to discuss cybersecurity, featuring renowned experts and industry representatives. The event showcased innovative cybersecurity solutions via an expo area, offering opportunities for businesses to explore advanced defense capabilities.

Moreover, MITA plans to launch a scheme providing cybersecurity services like risk assessments for businesses, emphasising the importance of proactive defense against cyber threats. With cybersecurity having been a pervasive concern across various sectors, the conference aimed to unite representatives from diverse industries to address the pressing need for robust cybersecurity measures.



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