Micromanaging is counterproductive; for success, you need to empower people – MITA’s Ramon Mangion

by | Dec 7, 2023

MITA has undertaken two extensive projects crucial for Malta’s state and healthcare systems, led by Ramon Mangion, MITA’s network services manager. These year-long projects aimed to upgrade the nation’s tech infrastructure, involving meticulous planning and coordination.

Ramon Mangion’s experience, which includes a background in servicing large clients in London, shaped his approach to managing nationwide rollouts. He emphasizes empowering competent team members and establishing clear objectives as keys to success, advocating against micromanagement for larger projects.

MITA’s Network Engineering Services team, responsible for the government’s digital backbone, oversaw the overhaul of the Malta Government Network (MAGNET). This update focused on increasing bandwidth capacity and replacing crucial equipment, aiming to enhance user experiences and minimise latency.

The project required precise planning to accommodate clients’ preferences for network changes and involved extensive testing to reduce downtime to just five minutes during updates. Standardisation across different sites facilitated troubleshooting and eased user connectivity.

The tech refresh also addressed cybersecurity concerns by encrypting communications and strengthening security measures for internet-linked devices. Collaboration between the Network Engineering Services team and the Security Operations Centre ensured vigilance against evolving threats.

Advanced authentication protocols were implemented to restrict network access to MITA-approved devices, enhancing security without compromising user experience. This became especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic when remote access surged significantly.

Another significant project undertaken was the Mater Dei Hospital Technology Refresh, focusing on improving network infrastructure to support anticipated digital health developments. The project involved extensive changes across the hospital’s network, requiring meticulous coordination and planning due to the critical 24/7 service environment.

To minimise disruption, changes were carried out weekly, necessitating close collaboration among multiple teams. Detailed planning, precise task allocation, and stringent testing were key elements ensuring the success of these critical upgrades.

As these projects approach completion, Mangion underscores the importance of maintaining momentum through regular updates and detailed progress tracking. His management philosophy emphasizes comprehensive planning, effective communication, and providing necessary tools for the team to execute their roles effectively, essential for achieving successful large-scale endeavours.



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