A year in review – MITA Cares

by | Jan 22, 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, MITA proudly reviews a year filled with impactful endeavours through its Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the MITA Cares Committee.


Committed to fostering positive change, MITA has consistently demonstrated its dedication to societal well-being, with employees actively participating in various initiatives throughout the year.

MITA Cares is fuelled by internal donations, a testament to the self-sufficiency of the organisation within MITA. These internal contributions serve as the driving force behind the committee’s numerous achievements, ranging from organised events to item distributions.

Throughout the year, the MITA Cares Committee has achieved significant positive social impact by managing pledges for three substantial charitable fund-raising telethons in Malta, deploying dedicated MITA volunteers who successfully processed thousands of donations. In addition to organising multiple “Blood Donation Drives,” MITA employees collectively donated a substantial amount of blood, contributing significantly to community well-being. The committee also made a difference by collecting groceries and toiletries from MITA employees and delivering them to local food banks in support of families in need. MITA Cares furthered its impact by collecting and donating used laptops and tablets to children from economically challenged families, ensuring their continued education at home through collaboration with a receiving NGO. Sponsorship of an activity allowed several young children to experience an outing together, creating lasting memories. The committee’s financial support through NGO intervention and verification has aided numerous families and individuals in need, assisting with financial needs or specific materials. 


MITA’s contribution to refurbishing and upgrading the computer network at Puttinu apartments in Sutton during August not only enhanced the browsing experience for patients but also allowed family members to continue their work and maintain better contact with relatives and friends. Quarterly initiatives involved providing residencies of smaller NGOs with a one-off supply of groceries and toiletries. MITA Cares also supported NGOs by internally communicating the sale of their things, including seasonal items for fundraising purposes. Environmental initiatives included contributing to two projects involving the purchase and planting of trees in localities. The committee’s commitment extended to collecting and donating toys and clothes to a children’s home, bringing joy to young residents. Lastly, MITA Cares supported the travel needs of non-profit organisations, facilitating face-to-face support for patients abroad and contributing to meaningful healthcare initiatives.

MITA Cares remains committed to its mission to uplift those in need within society. Looking ahead, the committee aims to broaden its reach, extending a helping hand to more vulnerable groups and providing assistance wherever possible and applicable. As MITA continues to prioritise Corporate Social Responsibility, the positive impact on communities and individuals is set to grow in the years to come.



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