Work is a continuous effort, depending on each other to achieve their final result.

by | Feb 7, 2024

This year Colette celebrated her 24th work anniversary within MITA. Before joining the Finance team, Colette used to work with the Public Sector, where she used to meet the then MITTS support officers supporting ICT services. 

It was always her dream to work with the Agency, and after 24 years, she does not regret her decision. She now looks back with immense satisfaction and is grateful for the opportunity given those years ago.

Colette’s role is one of a continuous improvement, always seeking to improve the service rendered both internally and externally.  She cannot highlight a specific project that stood out, but when looking back from where she started, there were several instances to be proud of. Colette sees her job as one holistic project where the aim is to provide the best service possible to all her customers.  Colette joined the Finance team when she was finalizing her studies in Accounts and thanks to the support received by her superiors, who always believed in her and trusted her with her job, Colette gained invaluable knowledge and experience in her day-to-day duties. Moreover, MITA as stated by its values, encourages its employees to continually enhance their knowledge through various ad-hoc training and courses offered.

Challenges are normal in Colette’s day-to-day job, such meeting deadlines whilst ensuring the necessary controls remain in place.  Planning and time management are essential, to ensure that all deadlines are met and respective so as not to impact operations.  One significant challenge she and her team had to face was when they had to shift to remote working during COVID times without impacting their daily work routine. They had to adjust their ways accordingly, while ensuring information security and confidentiality. As a team they adopted certain practices that proved to improve their day-to-day work which were kept once they returned to their normal routine from the office.

MITA offers various family-friendly measures that are instrumental for working parents like Colette to continue their jobs while raising their children. If it wasn’t for these measures, Colette would have no other option but to quit her job. Working all these years as part of the Finance team, Colette gained the necessary experience and is always looking forward to improving her work practices to be more efficient when it comes to offering her services to the customers.

As a department, they always work as a team, their job cannot be done in isolation.  Teamwork is essential to ensure that the service delivered is of the highest quality. Furthermore, MITA provides all departments with the opportunity to organise team-building activities. Colette deeply cherishes the moments spent together with her team in an environment away from the office. The shared experiences outside the workplace strengthen the bonds among team members, creating a supportive and cohesive work environment at MITA.

Colette’s dedication to taking ownership of her job is a testament to her determination to produce top-notch results and create meaningful change. Being part of MITA allows her to engage in projects that enhance public services, bringing her a deep sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.


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