Navigating Career Transitions: From Technician to Consultant at MITA

by | Apr 30, 2024

Written by Marnick Gatt

Transitioning from one career path to another is often challenging but also immensely rewarding. My journey began with a Diploma in Industrial Electronics, followed by twelve years as a technician in the manufacturing industry.

Despite being deeply committed to my role, I concurrently pursued a degree in software development. Upon graduation, I felt a strong desire to transition into software development as my profession.

During my studies, I encountered peers employed with MITA, whose projects demonstrated industry-leading practices in the area of ICT. Witnessing their professional growth and the support received I was intrigued. Thus, when presented with an opportunity to join MITA as an Associate Software Developer, I eagerly seized it. The transition felt natural as MITA offered an environment where I could blend my prior experience with my newfound passion.

MITA proved to be more than just a workplace; it became a catalyst for my personal and my professional growth. Through the support received, I graduated with an Executive Master’s in Business Administration, further enriching my skill set. Reflecting on my tenure, I find pride in the collective achievements of my team. We spearheaded enhancements for the Department of Social Security, catalysing its digital transformation. Our work on the MySocialSecurity web app earned accolades, winning the Best Digital Solution at the 2023 Public Service Awards.






Contributing to MITA’s shift towards Agile practices was pivotal. Embracing modern methodologies became integral to achieving desired quality standards. MITA’s focus on training and an environment conducive to learning from mistakes were pivotal during this transition. My daily tasks revolve around understanding client needs that will allow me to advise them on the right technological solutions to meet their requirements. Resilience, honed from my previous role, remains invaluable in addressing challenges in an effective way.

As per MITA’s core values, Teamwork is essential within projects and across departments to ensure the delivery of top-tier services to our clients. MITA’s commitment to employee well-being fosters a healthy work-life balance, enhancing overall productivity and morale. My progression from an Associate Software Developer to Consultant epitomizes MITA’s commitment in nurturing talent. The Agency’s culture of ownership and personal responsibility cultivates a sense of purpose among its employees. Continuous Improvement, being one of the core values of the Agency is very important, thus MITA ensures that tailor-made training programs are made available to all employees to ensure their holistic development.

My journey at MITA has been truly transformative. MITA has provided me with a platform where dedication, coupled with the right mindset, can lead to remarkable growth and fulfilment.


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