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MITA YouStartIt success stories three years in the making

Innovation flows more freely in such an ecosystem because the startup teams working on the ideas are unshackled by the burden of process and pre-existing customer legacies that larger organisations have to cope with.

Publication Date: 19/12/2019 Author: Alex Borg

Risk Management in Tax Administrations and the importance of IT Collaboration

Nowadays all Tax Administrations and other Public Administrations rely heavily on Information Technology (IT) systems to carry out their main functions and operations.

Publication Date: 12/12/2019 Author: Keith Cortis

Fortinet Migrations

Continuous improvement is a process that an organisation shall strive to implement within its business operations and should be an integral part of its mission statement.

Publication Date: 05/12/2019 Author: Reuben Camilleri

Talent Management: Can Coaching be the Cornerstone in Today’s Modern Workplace?

Businesses today face increased global competition, fluid markets, and everchanging shifts brought by technology; which makes attracting, developing and retaining the ideal skilled workers a constant challenge.

Publication Date: 28/11/2019 Author: Daniela Chetcuti

A New Era of Cyber Threats

More than 1.7 billion user records were leaked through ‘Collection #1’ data breach last January alone.

Publication Date: 21/11/2019 Author: Brandon Spiteri

The Sharing and Reuse of IT Solutions

Governments and public administrations, as important contributors to economic growth, are under continuous pressure to perform more efficiently, deliver faster and cheaper services and meet citizens and businesses needs more effectively.

Publication Date: 14/11/2019 Author: Sarah Borg

Automatic E-Mail Classification – A Case for Machine Learning

Apart from our web browser software, email software is one of the most used applications today.

Publication Date: 08/11/2019 Author: Mario Mallia Milanes

Enhancing the Cyber Security Posture of the Maltese Private Sector – The B SECURE Scheme

As the business world is progressively being transformed into an automated and digitalised environment, one aspect that is often overlooked or underestimated is cyber security, where we often tend to misjudge the dependencies that we have forged into information technology and the importance of the safety and integrity of our data.

Publication Date: 31/10/2019 Author: Katia Bonello

Emerging Technologies at the Delta Summit

Bigger and better, that is how we returned for this year’s Malta’s leading Digital Innovation Summit.

Publication Date: 06/10/2019 Author: Adelaide Grixti

AI, Blockchain, AR and IOT at the core of YouStartIT tech entrepreneurs’ projects

The MITA-run startup accelerator – YouStartIT - has a curriculum designed for early stage tech companies. Its ambition is to transform projects with nothing more than a well thought-through idea and some basic mockups or prototypes into a launchable, market ready venture.

Publication Date: 03/10/2019 Author: Jarek Bialek

Government Email Services Team

Email remains one of the most powerful tools for timely and cost-effective communication with global reach.

Publication Date: 26/09/2019 Author: Kurt Attard

The role of mentors at MITA’s YouStartIT accelerator

Accelerators are sometimes referred to as mentor-driven programmes. But first let’s define what an accelerator is, and why mentors are so important.

Publication Date: 19/09/2019 Author: Alex Borg

Bioinformatics: The application of ICT to Biology

Before the era of bioinformatics, only two ways of performing biological experiments were available, either within a living organism (in vivo) or in an artificial environment (in vitro).

Publication Date: 12/09/2019 Author: Theresa Fiott

Emerging Technologies Lab – An opportunity for students

Almost one year ago, MITA launched its Emerging Technologies Lab with the purpose of providing a place for MITA employees, Public Sector employees and students to experience, experiment and learn on Emerging Technologies.

Publication Date: 05/09/2019 Author: Nathaniel Portelli, Owen Scerri, Owen Aguis,Tamara Gauci

The MITA DevOps Journey

DevOps, a term coined in Europe back in 2009, is a set of software development practices that aims at bridg​ing Software Development with Information Technology Operations.

Publication Date: 29/08/2019 Author: James Attard

Working remotely from MITA’s Gozo Office

MITA has a total of 24 Gozitan employees. These employees work in different teams and departments across the organisation.

Publication Date: 08/08/2019 Author: Jenny Attard, Christian Attard

The President of Malta Visits MITA

MITA has welcomed His Excellency the President of Malta, Dr. George Vella at the MITA Data Centre, Sta. Venera. The President was briefed by the Executive Chairman Tony Sultana about MITA’s role in supporting Government’s ICT programme. H.E was also given a presentation by MITA Cares about the Agency’s commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility.

Publication Date: 04/08/2019 Author: MITA

Crowdsourcing a Recommender System A Case for e-Learning

Recommender Systems are attracting a lot of attention lately. We can see the reason behind this. They are useful in nudging us to make that purchase which would have otherwise went unsatisfied or to suggest music or videos we normally like watching

Publication Date: 01/08/2019 Author: Mario Mallia Milanes

UX - What do you expect?

Government is in fact investing heavily in modernising systems and services that have continued to serve their purpose well past their sell-by date. On the forefront of this modernisation effort are the Taxation and Social Security project teams at MITA, who together with their partners, are working hard to move these old monoliths to the Cloud, providing the potential for unprecedented levels of service provision and integration.

Publication Date: 25/07/2019 Author: Wayne Zammit

Student Placement Programme 2019

The Student Placement Programme (SPP) is now in full swing of it’s 11th edition. This programme allows participating students who are studying IT or related subjects from an MQF level 4 upwards to apply technical and theoretical knowledge acquired within a classroom environment to be applied in a hands-on practical working environment within Private Industry, Public Service, Public Sector and NGOs.

Publication Date: 18/07/2019 Author: Jaquie Cremona Crossey

Online awareness

The Internet is an excellent tool for finding information you need, discovering new things, having fun and communicating with friends. But like in the real world it can be a dangerous place! As we are going to see in this article, there are ways as to how one can surf safely without problems.

Publication Date: 11/07/2019 Author: Raymond Azzopardi

The Modern Workplace Initiative working hand in hand with the National Digital Strategy

The Finance and Contract Department (FCD) is in many ways a facilitating and department by which MITA can track its engagements and the progression of those endeavors as prioritized by the Strategy Business department (SBD) in its strategic goals.

Publication Date: 04/07/2019 Author: Ian Scicluna Laiviera

MITA’s Clean Up event on World Environment Day

To boost the Agency’s Green notion, MITA embarked on a corporate mission to encourage waste, reduction, reuse, recycling, and resource recovery.

Publication Date: 27/06/2019 Author: Ritianne Borg Grech

Internal Assessor: Watchdog or Trusted Advisor?

The use of Internal Assessments in any organisation may be considered as a tangible line of protection when it comes to ensuring the overall operational Governance.

Publication Date: 27/06/2019 Author: Charlie George Formentin

Investing in Cyber Security - The B SECURE Scheme

The impact of cyber security incidents on today’s digitally dependant economies could be witnessed from the news feeds that are presented to us on the multiple platforms that we follow. Such incidents, resulting mostly from cyberattacks, could have a devastating impact on anyone of us and especially businesses whose online and digital presence is fundamental for their successful operation.

Publication Date: 20/06/2019 Author: Katia Bonello