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Older Citizens

MITA will kick-start a new project aimed at reducing the digital divide typically associated with older citizens and increase their participation in the digital society and economy.
The National Policy for Active Ageing has highlighted that the issue of digital inclusion in later life is a priority area both nationally as well as in the Digital Agenda at EU level. 

Through this new pilot project, and other projects we plan for the future, we aim to empower further older citizens to deal with the some of the challenges of ageing and inclusion.

MITA intends to implement this pilot project in collaboration with industry players.  Within this context, MITA is seeking partners from industry who would be prepared to sponsor a number of tablets, external keyboards and 3G or 4G Internet dongles.  

In return MITA is prepared to provide PR exposure to the selected partners by having their company logos featured on all materials relating to this initiative as well as on the MITA website. This project will be publicly launched through a press conference with the endorsement of the relevant Ministries and Government officials. MITA also plans to promote the initiative through radio and TV interventions, as well as press articles. MITA’s partners in this project will be fully recognised as such through this publicity and invited to participate and collaborate in the promotion of the project. 

The requirement for this project is a total of 38 tablets, 5 external keyboards and 5 Internet dongles.

MITA, in collaboration with the Parliamentary Secretary in charge of the Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing, is planning a pilot project which will explore the effectiveness of peer training for older citizens within their own community environment. 

MITA will commission six pensioners, one to serve as Champion and 5 to serve as trainers, to reach out to other pensioners (estimated to be 6 elderly citizens per group) within their immediate community and provide them with training in basic Digital Literacy. MITA is currently seeking to identify the Champion and the trainers.  This pilot project will run between January and March 2015.

The Champion and trainers will be provided with a short train-the-trainer programme, supporting training material and equipment.  They will also be assisted in identifying potential community venues where the training will be conducted.

The emphasis of this project is to provide training that is closer to the realities and context of older citizens within the vicinity of their community. When working with older citizens these familiar elements are considered to be important factors in creating an environment conducive to learning.

Through this project, Government is seeking to:

  • ​​Engage retired citizens and empower them with basic Digital Skills to feel part of a Digital Malta;
  • Enable these citizens to become aware of the “jargon” therefore bridging the gap between the younger generations and themselves;
  • Reduce dependencies on family members, carers and friends in order to carry out digital tasks;​
  • Empower citizens to feel that they can play an active part in society by keeping up with the times.​

MITA is currently seeking sponsors from within industry willing to partner in this project through the sponsoring of the tablets, external keyboards, and Internet dongles necessary to bring the project into fruition.  The sponsored equipment is envisaged to be donated to MITA for use in this project and other similar projects that may be implemented in the future.

From research and experience in working with older citizens, tablets are considered to be simple and easy devices to master basic digital literacy skills, such as browsing, emailing, accessing applications, and communicating electronically.

The additional requirements of external keyboards and Internet dongles are required so as to be of assistance for those seniors who prefer to type on a larger surface or traditional medium and to be able to connect to the Internet should the preferred training venue not be connected.

A set of guiding specifications are being published hereunder to guide potential sponsors on the expected technology performance.




Minimum 8.9” Diagonal


Not more than 600g (excluding accessories)


Minimum 6 hours under normal usage

Operating System

Android Min. v4.3, iOS Min.v6, Windows Min 8.1


Minimum 1GB

CPU Type

Minimum Dual Core

Front Camera

Minimum 1.0MP

Rear Camera

Minimum 5.0MP

Internal Storage

Minimum 16GB

Wi Fi


Audio Jack

Must be present

USB Connectivity

Must be present


Must be present


2 Years




External Keyboard



Incorporated in case with Bluetooth Connectivity

The Internet dongles must have the capacity of hosting at least 7 people simultaneously.

Other desirable features are the ability to download and run assistive software on the tablets which would facilitate possible audio/visual difficulties and the possibility of adapting the screen for the use of larger icons and font size.

We hope you find this project an interesting opportunity to contribute to the inclusive well-being of our senior citizens. For further information please drop us an email on​.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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