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Supporting upcoming Educators to develop more Technology-Based Learning Resources


As part of the work being carried out in support of the Manifesto to enhance and extend ICT-related curricula in schools, the Digital Outreach Unit (DOU) is currently working on a project to support upcoming educators in maximising technology to create rich and engaging learning experiences to students.

This project is being carried out in collaboration with the Department of Arts & Languages, Faculty of Education, and is aimed at facilitating interactions between local educators and foreign experts to create learning materials where technology is used as a teaching and learning medium.

The project will support peer-to-peer learning and networking where pedagogical knowledge is shared by a community of upcoming and incumbent education professionals.  This informal, face-to-face network is intended to develop into a local community of practice for educators who learn from each other in relation to their practice. The intention is to motivate more educators to create technology-rich materials, upload them online and refer to a virtual community as part of their professional development. 

The first activity was held on Friday 29th and Saturday 29th November 2014 where Education Officers, teachers and student-teachers, all involved in language learning, teamed up with university lecturers from the Faculty of Education to participate in a hands-on workshop led by Mr Peter Ford from NoTosh (, a company specialised in learning digital design thinking.  The workshop was very well attended, and approximately 50 participants worked on building connections and creating effective dialogue in order to form the basis of a learning community. In doing so they were guided towards practical development of educational materials using technology.

To keep up the momentum and reinforce the work carried out during the workshop, a follow up session is being planned for mid-December were the participants will get together as a virtual community to discuss and share their attempts in using the tools introduced to them during the workshops.

Further information, including contributions from those who participated in the kickoff workshop are available on the following:

Follow the Twitter account: @MaltaBLT or use the #MaltaBLT hashtag in your own tweets to join the conversation.