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GMICT Awareness & Announcements

9th December 2019 – Publication of policies
As part of the ongoing policy rationalisation exercise, the following are the latest four GMICT Policies to have been revised:
This version of the policy includes security-related statements from the following documents:
o   Personal Computer Configuration Policy
o   Software Installation Procedure
o   Software Installation Request & Assessment (SIRA) Form
o   Software Asset Register
o   Corporate Desktop Software List
o   Corporate Desktop Software List (CDSL) Maintenance Procedure
o   Connectivity to MAGNET Policy
As a result, these documents have been repealed.  Therefore, from this version, the use of the SIRA Form shall no longer be required.
This policy streamlines the content previously found in the following documents that are therefore being rescinded:
o   ICT Solutions Policy
o   Enterprise Architecture Policy
o   Interoperability and Open Specifications Policy
The publication of this new policy is also accompanied by the removal of the:
o   Solutions Architecture Assessment Procedure
o   Adopted Specifications
The Adopted Specifications document may be made available upon request for legitimate inquiries regarding current contracts.
This policy contains a grouping of enabling services that the Government has centrally invested in through MITA for widespread use across the Public Administration.  Other services will eventually also be included in this policy.  The following documents have been repealed:
o   Cloud Services Policy
o   Electronic Payments Policy
o   Mobile Messaging Service Policy
This version simplifies and updates the content of the following documents, which have been rescinded:
o   Website Directive
o   Website Content and Presentation Standard
o   Website Security Standard
o   Website Accessibility Standard
o   Website Taxonomy Standard
o   Website Standard for websites prior to 3 June 2011
7th October 2019 - ​Publication of Policy
We are pleased to announce the publication of the Workstation Policy v3.0, effective 07/10/2019.
This document simplifies and replaces the Personal Computer Hardware Policy v2.0 and the Personal Computer Hardware Specifications v1.0.  This policy includes in its appendices the specifications for various minimum workstation specifications used in the last procurement tender issued by MITA.  These shall be updated whenever a new procurement tender is issued.
18th July 2019 - Publication of Policy
The Open Source Software Policy v3.0 has been published and is effective from 18/07/2019.
This policy encourages the adoption of cost-effective and non-disruptive Open Source Software (OSS) throughout the Public Administration, and seeks to maximise re-use of procured software by enabling the distribution of Government solutions as OSS.

29th January 2019 - Publication of Policies

We would like to inform you of the following GMICT Policy publications:
The Information Security Policy collates in one document the policy content previously found in numerous scattered policy documents.  It also aligns itself to all ISO 27001 controls.  The most important changes can be found at this link.
This second version contains a slight change in reference to MITA's cloud service offering.
Internet-related content has been revised and separated from email-related content.  This policy supersedes all internet-related content in the Electronic Mail and Internet Services Policy and Electronic Mail and Internet Services Directive.
29th January 2019 - Removal of policies  
A number of GMICT Policy documents have been superseded and removed.