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General GMICT Policies

General GMICT Policies List


Establishes standard vocabulary used across all GMICT Policy documents and applies to all GMICT Policy documents.

Version: 11Effective Date: 26/09/2018

ICT Solutions Policy

The Government of Malta strives to ensure that maximum benefit and operational efficiency is derived from all technology investments. A number of technology strategic principles and governing principles are therefore in place to engage the Agent and Solution Providers in providing ICT Solutions that follow this direction.

Version: 1.0Effective Date: 08/07/2013

Enterprise Architecture Policy

Establishes an Enterprise Architecture baseline to maximise Information and Communications Technology (ICT) return on investments as well as to minimise effort redundancy across Government.

Version: 2.0Effective Date: 16/04/2012

Solutions Architecture Assessment Procedure

Highlights various stages of a solution’s lifecycle, which are referred to as Gates. Solution Architecture Assessment templates shall be submitted for assessment at the various phases of the solution’s lifecycle. The level of detail of these templates increases with each consecutive gate. This Procedure applies to Solutions that interface or make use of the Government’s ICT Infrastructure.

Version: 1.0Effective Date: 16/04/2012

Adopted Specifications

The Adopted Specifications lists formalised specifications that the Government of Malta has adopted, or is intending to adopt, in the provision of ICT solutions.

Version: 9.0Effective Date: 23/11/2015

Interoperability and Open Specifications Policy

This Policy aims to ensure that maximum benefit is derived from all technology investments in Government, by introducing ICT resources that are flexible, reusable and interoperable. This Policy encompasses the principles previously upheld within the Open Standards Policy (GMICT P 0099) and Directive (GMICT D 0099) and replaces both these documents.

Version: 1.0Effective Date: 09/10/2012

Open Source Software Policy

Encourages the adoption of cost-effective and non-disruptive Open Source Software (OSS) throughout the Public Administration, and seeks to maximise re-use of procured software by enabling the distribution of Government solutions as OSS.

Version: 3.0Effective Date: 18/07/2019