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MITA launches three-year Strategic Plan

Publication Date: Nov 03, 2009
The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) has today published its three-year strategic plan setting out its priorities and work programmes to December 2012. The publication was launched by Hon. Dr. Austin Gatt, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications (MITC).
The strategic plan outlines how the Agency will work towards fulfilling its role as the central driver in developing Malta into a world class information society and economy, nurturing the growth of a strong global knowledge workforce and transforming public services through innovation within an incessant aspiration for excellence.
After consultation with the Agency’s workforce, the ICT industry and other policy-makers, MITA has set itself five strategic priorities for the next three years. The Agency is to:
  •  Serve as the central driver of information and communications technology policy, programmes and initiatives in Malta;
  •  Deliver and manage the execution of all programmes related to the implementation of information technology and related systems in Government with the aim of enhancing public service delivery;
  •  Provide efficient and effective information and communications technology infrastructure services to Government as directed by the Minister from time to time;
  • Proliferate the further application and take-up of information and communications technologies in society and the economy;
  • Promote and deliver programmes aimed at enhancing ICT education and the use of ICT as a learning tool.
In his presentation, MITA's Chairman, Claudio Grech, said that he "believes that the successful implementation of this Plan will mark a quantum leap in the local ICT ecosystem, taking it to the next level of sophistication, once again enabling us to be ahead of the curve in policy-making for the digital age, nurturing Malta’s global reputation as an advanced information society and one of the European ICT pioneers."
The strategic plan has adopted an inclusive approach and a number of strategic principles were applied. These include the value that the Agency bestows towards its human capital; the prioritisation of National targets; a continuous investment in technology to sustain Government’s aspirations; a zero-tolerance approach towards in its role as the primary guardian of public data held within Government, the excellent relations with the ICT Industry; and the leading role which the Agency is taking in the development of the knowledge-based workforce.
Hon. Minister Austin Gatt said that “as a nation, we have shown the ability and willpower to shape our future and this has led us into being one of the most successful small nations worldwide.” He reiterated that Government’s 2015 vision has identified ICT as one of the seven pillars which will give the Maltese islands a comparative advantage. “Analysing the contents of the MITA Strategic Plan 2009 – 2012 I feel confident that our goals will be met and I am looking forward to progress along these lines in order to reach our vision” he added.
For a copy of the MITA Strategic Plan 2009 – 2012, please visit: