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New publication set to facilitate Private Sector participation in Government's ICT procurement

Publication Date: Jun 22, 2009
A new approach in Government’s information and communication technologies (ICT) sourcing function was announced today by Hon. Dr. Austin Gatt, Minister for Information, Transport and Communication (MITC) when he launched the MITA Procurement Outlook (Q2 – Q4 2009). This new approach will provide economic operators a degree of foresight on MITA’s procurement plans, providing the industry several months in advance for preparation.
The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is the central driver of Government’s ICT policy, programmes and initiatives. The Agency believes that the private ICT sector has a vital role to play in the delivery of its programmes and through the publication of its Procurement Outlook, the Agency will engage the best services available for Government to derive maximum value for money.
Minister Austin Gatt stated that through the MITA Procurement Outlook, the ICT industry will secure additional time (which sometimes can be months over and above the tender publication period of a minimum of 52 days as stipulated by law) to partner with large suppliers and build the relationship and trust which such projects often necessitate. This new approach will ease participation and thus exemplifies Government’s commitment to invest in the local private sector. The increased investment in ICT infrastructure and measures such as the one announced today form part of a continuous drive in improving the public sector through the use of ICT.
Last year MITA issued more than 30 tenders with a total value of over 2.6 million euro. In the first six months of this year MITA has already issued 40 tenders and an additional 15 anticipated tenders were revealed through the Procurement Outlook.
The Procurement Outlook includes a number of large projects such as E-Learning and the Enterprise information Management Solution (EIMS). The latter is intended to gradually replace the current paper-based structures of Government. Another large anticipated tender is the Unified Communications Solution which will incorporate all type of communications in one cohesive enterprise solution.
Mr. Keith Fearne from the Business Section Information Technology of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise stated that such a measure was supported for the multiple opportunities it offers. It gives enough foresight to their members to build resources and partnerships, shows the boost in ICT investment for the coming six months and clearly shows Government’s determination in incorporating numerous high level systems in the public sector.
Mr. Claudio Grech, Chairman of MITA, said that the Procurement Outlook will enable industry to be better prepared to participate in MITA’s and Government’s IT and IS requirements. He also explained that such a publication shall not be construed as a call for tenders. It is neither a definitive nor an exhaustive list and was compiled according to general information available to MITA on the date of publication.
The MITA Procurement Outlook will be published at regular intervals and published on the MITA website ( and local media.