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Launch of eSkills Alliance Malta

Publication Date: Oct 13, 2010

Blata l-Bajda, Malta – [ 13/10/2010 ]: The eSkills Alliance Malta has just been launched by government in an event that was held this morning at the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry. The Alliance will aim to address skills shortages within the ICT industry which is hindering the sector from reaching its full potential.
Hon Dr Austin Gatt, Minister for Information, Transport and Communication (MITC) inaugurated the launch of the eSkills Alliance Malta, a project that came to fruition after the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) took the initiative, as part of its Human Capital programme, to set up the local branch of this specialised alliance.
Minister Gatt showed his full support for the nurturing of eskills and the setting up a Maltese eSkills Alliance between Government, the private ICT sector and the education entities, stating that “this initiative is key to Malta’s future economic success and key to Vision 2015. The Alliance will play an essential role in the consultation process for the development of our future ICT workforce and for providing businesses within the industry the skills they require, and at the right time.”
Two senior officials from e-skills UK were also present for the launch. Mr Martin Harvey, who is a member of the senior team and leads strategy development in the UK – and Mr Nigel Payne who is the lead contact for the European Commission, the UK Government and the UK Trades Unions, shared experiences and best practices that e-skills UK has garnered over several years working with the industry in preparing the ICT workforce for the United Kingdom.
MITA’s Chairman, Mr Claudio Grech described the Alliance as the collective voice and authoritative entity in ensuring that Malta offers the best possible supply of ICT professionals that is required by the international and national ICT industry. Mr Grech said that “the targets for the Alliance for its first year of operation are focused on those fundamentals that are critical for eSkills to flourish in Malta, namely drafting an eSkills Competence Framework, kicking off an eSkills Demand and Supply Monitor, setting up an ICT Profession Body and putting Malta on the worldwide educational map as an ICT Campus Destination.”
When contacted, the CEO of the prestigious e-skills UK, Ms. Karen Price expressed her pride in being able to support the Government of Malta in the establishment of eSkills Alliance Malta. “The Alliance brings together key partners in the ICT profession to ensure Malta’s next generation of ICT professionals have the skills to fully exploit technology and drive growth in the economy. I am sure that all the members of the Alliance will work together to achieve this, which will ensure that Malta has the ICT skills it needs to succeed in the global digital economy,” she said.
The eSkills Alliance will seek to act as a link between local ICT industry, academia and Government, who have a direct influence on the development of the ICT sectors Human Resource requirements. The Chamber of Commerce and the Malta Employers Association are also part of the Alliance and represent other ICT employers who are also influencing the demand for ICT skills.
The Alliance includes the University of Malta, MCAST and the Ministry for Education, Employment and the Family as the main decision-makers in ICT education and skills supply. The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and MITA are also part of this body in their quest to address the current gap that exists between the resources and skills needed by the ICT industry and the resources and skills available in the labour market.
Following the official launch of the Alliance, MITA led the very first meeting of the eSkills Alliance Malta Executive Committee and started the necessary discussions for the establishment of an eSkills Competence Framework. Present for these discussions were members of the Alliance as well as a human resources expert nominated by the Chamber of Commerce and advisors from the Malta Qualifications Council as chief experts on qualifications frameworks.
More information about eSkills Alliance Malta can be found on