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MITA Showcases eGovernment to Delegation from Cyprus

Publication Date: Feb 22, 2010
The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) and Malta Government Technology Investments Limited (MGTIL) recently hosted a Cypriot delegation after they chose Malta as a best practice country in the implementation of eGovernment. During this two-day visit, MITA showcased a number of eGovernment services together with its vision for the future.
During the various information sessions, the delegation from Paralimni Municipality and Larnaca District Development Agency were presented with information about the local ICT policies and standards and an overview of the eGovernment shared services and platforms. They also visited MITA’s Data Centre and Network Operations Centre.
The visit was initiated through MGTIL which is currently participating in an EU funded Interreg IVc project – Digital Cities (DC). This three year project brings together municipalities of different maturity in ICT adoption to exchange information, know-how, experience and good practices.
The main objective of the DC project is to tackle the low rate of ICT penetration at local level by providing the organisational structures, strategies/policies and tools for enabling the rapid and sustainable adoption of ICT at local level and the development of digital cities in Europe.
During their visit, the Cypriot delegation explained how the central Government and municipalities operate in Cyprus. They also exchanged information on their vision to start offering online services by the municipality for the benefit of both local and foreign citizens. The meeting switched to a brainstorming session in which MITA offered various suggestions of how Paralimni can attain their eGovernment vision. MITA also highlighted potential barriers that might be faced when implementing eGovernment framework in their municipality and recognised that the key factor for the success of eGovernment is informing and making citizens aware of its benefits.
At the end of their stay, the delegation thanked MITA and MGTIL for their excellent joint collaboration in making this visit a success. The delegates highly praised MITA’s expertise in the design and implementation of Malta’s eGovernment services framework.