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Technical problem identified and resolved

Publication Date: Jan 21, 2010
Following today’s incident which resulted in eGovernment service being interrupted, the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) has continued its analysis on the cause of the technical problem and has now identified the source.
The Agency is currently liaising with Microsoft and will shortly be running a number of monitoring tools to ensure that the system performance is stable and healthy. It will also be running a specific tool able to benchmark the system configuration and provide a detailed report highlighting aspects which may be enhanced, if any.
The disabling of services is a procedural measure which the Agency takes to mitigate any potential or latent risk in such circumstances and once again apologises for any inconvenience.
MITA is also in a position to completely exclude the possibility that this incident was caused by any type of security breach.
Once the cause was detect
ed, analysed and resolved all services were re-enabled. The Agency confirms that all eGovernment services are now fully available and all Government systems are also back to normal.