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Launch of new research about Maltese industry and accessibility in ICT

Publication Date: Jun 02, 2014
65% of Maltese businesses are not aware about the existence of guide lines about accessibility in ICT. This finding came out after a survey conducted by FITA with 240 businesses in Malta and Gozo. 100% of business organisations operating in the ICT sector know about these guidelines, but most of the companies that work in other fields (such as agriculture, manufacture, transport and banking) are not aware of them.

The Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, Hon. Dr. Christian Cardona, said that “The information that comes out of this research is important in itself, but even of more relevance are the practical aspects and initiatives that are based around this newly acquired information.” He added that FITA, equipped with this knowledge, can now address specific requirements better and deliver its services with greater effect. Companies that wish to address accessibility issues for their workers and their clients, can obtain a clearer idea of what is required and can also avail themselves of FITA’s other services.

Mrs. Elizabeth Olivieri, Chairperson of FITA, outlined how the Foundation is working closely with commercial and public entities to create opportunities for persons with disabilities in the Maltese society. A good example of this is the work done during the last election, where persons with disabilities gave a direct contribution to make elections accessible to everybody, even with the use of Braille. Another example is the FITA website accessibility certification service which helps guarantee that the widest possible spectrum of clients can access information and services, independently of their abilities.

This survey about the effective use of accessible technology by Maltese enterprises was carried out by FITA in collaboration with Ernst & Young.  The aim of the survey is to increase further the awareness about the effective use of ICT solutions, focusing on the big impact it may have in the work environment and in the sale of products and services.

The report can be downloaded here (PDF)​.  If you need more information you may contact FITA at​ or by phone on 25992048.