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MITA signs agreements with local companies for a €2.5million ICT investment

Publication Date: Nov 10, 2014
Hon Minister Chris Cardona and Hon Parliamentary Secretary José Herrera presided the signing event.
Hon Minister Chris Cardona and Hon Parliamentary Secretary José Herrera presided the signing event.
Earlier today MITA has signed a number of contracts with local companies for a total ICT investment of €2.5 million.  This was the result of an outsourcing framework through which private companies have been trusted with the maintenance, support and upgrades of some of Government’s ICT systems.  The signing was presided by Hon Chris Cardona Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business and Hon José Herrera, Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth.

MITA’s Executive Chairman, Mr Tony Sultana, explained that this procurement consists of software development and operational services on applications managed by MITA. “This is the first time that such services are being requested on such a wide spectrum of business areas that amongst others include statistics, government administration, health, social services, taxation, and funding.” 

Earlier this year, after consultations with the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, MITA had issued a public call for companies to join an outsourcing framework for various services on more than forty systems.  A total of ten suppliers are now participating in this framework.  More recently MITA issued three tenders which were divided into different lots and these were won by five of the participating companies and the respective contracts were signed today with the selected suppliers: 2i, Alert Communications Ltd, iLab Malta, Loqus Public Sector and Seasus.  

Mr Sultana added that through this outsourcing framework the Agency will be able to dedicate more time and resources on other programmes and initiatives which bring about an improved quality of life for citizens.

Hon Herrera explained how government, through MITA, will be outsourcing 44 ICT systems to the private sector for a period of five-years, providing MITA with the opportunity to think long term about the development and upgrades required by these systems.  Hon Herrera said that, “some of the systems included in the framework are key to Government and this shows our trust in the maturity of the private sector.  This procurement shows that we want the private sector to participate more wholly in the development of the digital economy.”  Hon Herrera concluded by pointing that although Internet penetration is very high in Malta, the take up of eGovernment services is still one of the lowest in the EU.  “Through such investments we will be enriching these services and thus paving the way to increase take-up.”

Hon Cardona said that small and medium sized companies (SMEs) have a major role in Malta’s economy.  Government has in fact introduced a number of measures aimed at increasing the participation of SMEs in its tenders and today’s announcement is just one example of how Government is partnering with the private sector. “We believe that the private sector has a critical role in assisting us in the delivery of our services in a more efficient manner.”  Hon Cardona said that, “some of the systems will be co-financed by the European Union and thus we’re providing these companies with the opportunity to work on systems which will be in use throughout the European Union.”