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Mobile App Challenge

Publication Date: Jul 04, 2014
From left to right: Kurt Dalli, Elisa Calleja, Nicholas Galea, James Zammit
From left to right: Kurt Dalli, Elisa Calleja, Nicholas Galea, James Zammit

A competition to build a mobile app for the Majjistral Park

Blata l-Bajda, Malta [04/07/2014] This week, the two short listed teams of students for the Majjistral Park Mobile App Challenge started their work placement at MITA Innovation Hub.  The app challenge was launched earlier this year by MITA and Majjistral Nature and History Park.  This challenge, aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, creativity, and technical skills, means that students will be developing a mobile app for park visitors and will also serve as a promotional tool for the park’s history and natural environment. 

The challenge attracted a total of 17 teams consisting of students from both post secondary level and tertiary level of education.  MITA, eventually, received six proposals that were evaluated according to pre-set judging criteria.  The two shortlisted teams have now secured a summer work placement at the newly launched MITA Innovation Hub at Smart City Malta to carry out the development of the app.  

Throughout the placement, MITA and its business partners will provide both teams with hands-on technical support. They will also be mentored by industry experts from the chosen technical areas by the students to help them transform the app concept into a fully functional app.  

At the end of the placement, the team with the best and sound technical output will be named winners.  The winning team will receive a cash prize of €2,000 and will be the team to launch the Majjistral Park Official Mobile App.  

For more information about the Majjistral Park Mobile App Challenge initiative please click here​