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Commonwealth professionals attend workshop at MITA Data Centre

Publication Date: Sep 16, 2015
Today MITA hosted a study visit on the request of DiploFoundation, which was responsible of organising a Malta-Commonwealth Third Country Training Programme “Legal Instrument for the Internet Economy.” 

The foundation, set up by the Governments of Malta and Switzerland, works to increase the power of small and developing states to influence their own futures and development. It also seeks to increase international accountability and inclusivity as well as increase legitimacy of international policy making. 

The students came from different countries, including Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific, and they were all government officials holding senior/middle management positions related to ICT in their respective countries.
Their one week workshop included a visit at MITA’s Data Centre where they were given presentations about MITA’s background, its mandate and objectives and an overview of the Agency’s role in Digital Malta – the National ICT Strategy. They were also informed about a number of projects currently being undertaken by MITA, including those related to the eID and the new ID card system.

Following the presentations by MITA’s management, the students toured the Service Call Centre, Control Centre and the Computer Room.

Students showed particular interest in Malta’s vision within ICT and the projects which are being delivered on a national level to increase literacy in technology. They showed their appreciation at the design of the MITA Data Centre which holds, amongst other awards, a Tier III certification as both a constructed facility and also for design.