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Malta’s first educational games tried and tested by students

Publication Date: Sep 04, 2015
On Saturday 29th August the MITA Innovation Hub (MIH) organised the ‘Gamify-IT’ play-testing event during which 22 students within the 13-15 age group play-tested two digital serious games being developed by two start-ups, Oddingo and SquareScope.
Oddingo’s ‘Staterra’ is a game about the gamification of predator-prey relationships where the players build their own habitat, influence the interactions between the different species and observe the outcomes to try to reach a balance.  SquareScope’s game called ‘To the Bastions!’ is about the Great Siege of 1565 where players learn about the events that occurred during the Great Siege 1565 between the Ottoman Empire and the Knights of Malta.
After playing both games, the students gave rich feedback, comments and suggestions to help make the games as user-focused and game-friendly as possible. These games will be available for secondary school students to download on their home computer.