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Enterprise Architecture

​An Enterprise is any collection of organizations that has a common set of goals and/or a single bottom line. In that sense, an enterprise can be a government agency, a whole corporation, a division of a corporation, a single department, or a chain of geographically distant organizations linked together by common ownership. (Source: TOGAF 9.1

With specific reference to the Enterprise Architecture being addressed by this portal, the Enterprise is defined as the Government of Malta.

Bearing the above in mind, the Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a process that comprises all Enterprise Architecture Domains and which:

  • drives the continuous alignment of the adoption and use of technology with the enterprise's business objectives and strategic direction;
  • describes the current and future state of an enterprise’s business processes and technology implementations;
  • provides an overall plan for designing, implementing and maintaining the underlying infrastructure to support the transition from the current to the future state.

TOGAF considers the Enterprise Architecture as crossing multiple systems, and multiple functional groups with the Enterprise. In fact, it supports the following four Architecture Domains:

        • Business
        • Appl​ications
        • Data
        • Technology