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Corporate Data Repository

​As part of the data management related works performed by MITA on behalf of the Government of Malta, a number of data related services are managed by the Technology & Systems Governance Department. The officially endorsed register of enterprise data services should be the only source of information when used to guide the data architecture compliance process and for any other enterprise data management initiative that depends on the quality and reliability of master and reference data used across the whole spectrum of Government processes and services.

Data services introduced from January 2008 onwards have the added capability of writing a full audit trail record both as regards updating of corporate data and also for the consumption of corporate data through the authorised searches and the production of full lists from these datasets. These services will also ensure that each user of such services is properly authenticated at the data level and this authentication, as a minimum is based on the security facilities rendered by database management system (DBMS) and also according to the permissions register maintained in the same CDR database.

MITA is offering a new service based on web services technology for accessing the corporate data repository. This service is known as the CDR Adapter Web service. The main benefits of this service are that it will enable data consumers to access the data, irrespective of technology utilised and at the same time will enable MITA to encapsulate the source of the mentioned data.  MITA believes that this centralised approach of storing common data of various government departments and making it available through the CDR Adapter Web Service will provide the following benefits:
  • Sharing resources: The common data used across government departments will be stored and accessible from one place thus enabling various entities to access this data in a faster and easier manner.
  • Avoidance of duplication: This service will offer a single version of a particular data in government departments and thus avoid duplication of data