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Online Forms

Online Forms

eForms is a managed eGovernment platform for form creation. The Core eGov Programme team at MITA is turning the creation of eGovernment services into a normal commodity. It will not matter how much the service is used or how important the particular service is. Every Government entity will be able to have all of its services online on a common eGovernment platform.

Government Departments are able to provide all the user and administrative features, to cater for the expectations of the modern electronic citizen; reporting to Government quickly, regardless of the Government function’s size or user needs.

In addition, the services that are being delivered electronically are all following the use of common eGovernment Shared Services, including
  • Authentication of citizen’s identity through eID;
  • Electronic payments through the Government Payment Gateway;
  • Availability from the common central eGovernment portal;
  • Centralised notification through a selection of channels such as Web, Email or SMS.

eForms Development is governed by a set of templates as laid out below. The first document is a standard operating procedure to guide clients when it comes to requesting eForms. The rest of the templates are used throughout the lifecycle as defined in the Procedure.

  1. Standard Operating Procedure Click Here
  2. Requirements Document Template: Click Here
  3. Requirements Workflow Template: Click Here
  4. UAT Certificate Template: Click Here
  5. Deployment Document Template: Click Here

The Core eGov Programme Team is the go-to team for eForms and acts as the one stop shop for clients. Do not hesitate to contact us with queries.