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Careers at MITA

With a twenty-five year legacy in delivering state-of-the-art information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to the Government of Malta, the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) has taken a pivotal role in supporting the development of a local information society and in shaping the local ICT culture into one that is agile enough to spearhead a new paradigm in the ICT sector.

Having the most extensive ICT infrastructure on the island and employing over 350 people, MITA is the chief employer within the local ICT industry. The following are seven reasons why ICT professionals and individuals who are interested to forge a career in an ICT-related field should seriously turn their look towards MITA as a prospective employer

1. Competitive salaries – MITA offers competitive remuneration packages to its employees.

2. Cutting-edge and diverse technologies – MITA offers you ongoing exposure to a wide range of leading-edge technologies and innovative project and service methodologies. MITA employees are involved in various critical and high profile projects and work closely with established local and foreign ICT partners. MITA employees are also exposed to different areas in ICT; such as R&I, architecture, and security, which allows individuals to develop in the areas where they feel at ease and where they can maximize their potential.

3. Be part of the team – MITA offers you a unique opportunity to be part of a team of top-notch ICT professionals. Most of our employees have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the diverse technologies and in the ICT industry. MITA prides itself in fostering and supporting team spirit which is reflected by the outstanding results achieved in various critical projects handled by the Agency such as the e-Government platform, Schengen, Euro Migration, Inland Revenue and Health.

4. We will help you build your career – MITA offers you not just a job but a career in ICT. A good number of employees who joined the organisation at entry level have progressed through the different career paths and today are occupying positions of higher status and responsibility. The Agency has a career progression framework in place aimed at supporting employees to move on in their areas of expertise.

5. Commitment to learning – MITA will provide you with ongoing training to help you grow both personally and within your employment. MITA places great emphasis on the training and development of its employees in both technical and non-technical areas. The average number of training days per employee is eight days. Skills and personal growth opportunities are recognised to be vital ingredients for organisational success and MITA has committed itself to the continuous enhancement and development of its skill-base. Every year MITA sponsors a number of employees to further their studies. The organisation also sponsor its employees for memberships in professional institutions

6. Employee and family friendly measures – MITA offers employee and family-friendly benefits such as: health care policy, life insurance and personal accident insurance, flexible time schedule, teleworking, special paid leave, and a child care reimbursement scheme. MITA also tries to promote a healthy work-life balance.

7. Are you still studying? If you are a student, MITA believes in you and in your potential. MITA offers placement opportunities to students from MCAST, the University of Malta, and other recognised institutions.

Throughout the years MITA has always maintained its commitment towards its five core Company Values – ContinuousImprovement, Client Focus, People, Empowerment and Professionalism. We trust that all this is music to your ears.

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