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 ICT Features by Year


Publications 2015


startAPP 2.0 - Design Thinking Course

The MITA Innovation Hub (MIH) is offering two grants of €22,000 each for a proof-of-concept based on the development of two innovatively designed apps.

Publication Date: 21/01/2016 Author: MIH

10 Tips for Protecting Against Holiday Online Shopping Scams

One of the "not-so-merry" facts about the holiday shopping season is that cyber criminals are poised and ready to defraud online shoppers. Dell SecureWorks' CTU Security Research Team has put together this list of "10 Tips for Protecting Against Holiday Online Shopping Scams."

Publication Date: 17/12/2015 Author: Secureworks

MITA employee awarded with the Manager of the Year title

On the 11th December 2015, Ms. Elizabeth Olivieri received the Manager of the Year title during the ‘Premju Nazzjonali Haddiema tas-Sena 2015’.

Publication Date: 17/12/2015 Author: MITA

Is Technology re-shaping the State? The Realm of Virtual States

In the age of the 21st century most of world activity centres on the ability and ease of communication between a number of states, organisations and individuals. Military, political and economic activities make extensive use of the technologies available on the Internet breaking down all the barriers that existed between these organised groups.

Publication Date: 10/12/2015 Author: Martin Camilleri

Information & Networking event about startAPP 2.0 and satellite data

The MITA Innovation Hub (MIH) is offering startups two grants of €22,000 each, of which €15,000 is a cash injection into their business, for a proof-of-concept based on solving a problem using free and publicly available earth observation and geo-spatial data from the European Space Agency.

Publication Date: 03/12/2015 Author: MIH

startApp 2.0 – Open Call using earth observation & geo-spatial data

Islands can prove to be real labs for ICT-driven innovation. They are small and flexible. This means they can test ideas fast and implement only the best of them. Islands are confronted with specific needs, whether due to their remoteness, their vulnerability to climate change.

Publication Date: 19/11/2015 Author: MIH

Laying the Foundations - 2014

Laying the Foundations - 2014

Publication Date: 19/11/2015 Author: MITA

Launch of a Green Paper for a National Cyber Security Strategy

Malta is increasingly dependent upon the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), to the extent that its disruption may affect service, business and potentially, everyday life.

Publication Date: 12/11/2015 Author: Keith Cilia Debono

eSkills for employment in Malta

With the transformation of the economy through globalisation and the digital revolution, the demand for eSkills has been growing rapidly.

Publication Date: 12/11/2015 Author: eSkills Malta Foundation

Laying the Foundations - 2013

Laying the Foundations - 2013

Publication Date: 12/11/2015 Author: MITA

EU Code Week 2015

Coding is becoming a key competence which will have to be acquired by all young students and increasingly by workers in a wide range of industries and professions. Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your OS, the apps on your phone, Facebook, and various other social media platforms are all made with code.

Publication Date: 05/11/2015 Author: eSkills Malta Foundation

ITIL Problem Management – are Maltese IT organisations ready for its challenges and benefits?

Information Technology today plays a major role in every organisation’s daily life with direct effect not only on the everyday operations but also on the business development and accomplishments. To compliment this, standard frameworks are today considered as an essential tool required in supporting businesses to reach their objectives.

Publication Date: 05/11/2015 Author: Daniel Mangani

Laying the Foundations - 2012

Laying the Foundations - 2012

Publication Date: 05/11/2015 Author: MITA

Designing more user centric solutions

The Design Thinking Course, MITA employees attended a Design Thinking Course, a 2-week long curriculum that introduced the participants to the concepts of human-centred design and how this approach can be used to create innovative, effective, and sustainable business and social solutions.

Publication Date: 29/10/2015 Author: MITA

ICT Accessibility for a better Quality of Life

“A person with an impairment is not broken. Our built environment, our technologies are broken and disabling. We the people need not accept our limitations or those imposed on us by society, but can transcend disability through technological innovation.”

Publication Date: 29/10/2015 Author: FITA

Laying the Foundations - 2011

Laying the Foundations - 2011

Publication Date: 29/10/2015 Author: MITA

Are you being Spied? If yes..what can you do?

Prior to TrustedSec, I worked in the military intelligence cryptography and hacking. That’s where I started my foundations in the security subject. It was a good learning curve. After that I started working with as company as a Chief Security Officer where I ran their security programme. There, I realised that many people are struggling with security.

Publication Date: 22/10/2015 Author: Sabrina Agius

Hard work pays off – the behind the scenes of the new Oncology Centre Data Network

In 2013, the Malta Information and Technology Agency (MITA) was engaged to design, facilitate the procurement process, implement and commission a comprehensive wireless and wired data network within Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre (SAM OC) located adjacent to Mater Dei Hospital (MDH).

Publication Date: 22/10/2015 Author: Sabrina Agius

Laying the Foundations - 2010

Laying the Foundations - 2010

Publication Date: 22/10/2015 Author: MITA

The decision to divert to a virtualised consolidated infrastructure by Government - Why

He joined MITA 23 years ago as an Operator at the Control Centre. His department has a total of fifty IT professionals whose roles vary among Technical Services Officers, Solution Architects, Enterprise Architects, Service Managers and Project Managers.

Publication Date: 15/10/2015 Author: Sabrina Agius

MITA celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a Bash

Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) last week organised a Bash as part of its 25th Anniversary celebrations.

Publication Date: 15/10/2015 Author: Sabrina Agius

Improving ICT measures in health, education among others

Malta’s ICT vision is built on the hard work of various professionals contributing to making Digital Malta a reality, by offering tangible solutions to turn Malta into a digitally-enabled nation, in all sectors of society.

Publication Date: 15/10/2015 Author: Sabrina Agius

Laying the Foundations - 2009

Laying the Foundations - 2009

Publication Date: 15/10/2015 Author: MITA

Design your future in 3D

3D Technology is an ongoing innovation that hit our shores just a few years ago. Edward Borg from ‘Thought 3D’ had a word with the ICT Feature team on the evolvement of 3D technology both globally and locally. Borg together with his partner in crime Keith M.Azzopardi decided to team up their skills to continue contributing in this industry.

Publication Date: 08/10/2015 Author: Sabrina Agius

MITA’s Executive Chairman addresses the ICT Leadership Forum – The Smart IT Buyer Tour 2015

Last week an ICT leadership forum was organised in Malta by International Data Corporation (IDC). Titled “The Smart IT Buyer Tour 2015”, the forum covered a number of hot themes - Security, Cloud, Big Data, Enterprise Mobility, collaboration, Application Modernization and Business Analytics.

Publication Date: 08/10/2015 Author: Sabrina Agius