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Inside MITA Data Centre


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 We invested in MITA Data Centre because of...
  • growing hosting requirements to satisfy the myriad of ICT solutions procured across Government and planned to be procured over the next decade

  • the need to maximise levels of availability to offer 24x7 services

  • need to operate in a ‘greener’ fashion

  • increased physical security and business continuity requirements

  • need to be able to adopt new technologies for economies of scale and efficiency

A capital investment of €7m has been directed towards MITA Data Centre, out of which €6m investment was spent on works and services including the provision of

  • architectural services

  • mechanical and electrical engineering services

  • project management services

  • gutting services

  • civil building and engineering works

  • building services and finishing works

  • data cabling and cabinets

  • UPS systems

  • fire suppressions systems

  • HVAC systems

  • stand-by generator sets

  • photovoltaic plant

  • industrial steel support structure

  • office furniture

Zooming in on MITA-01
…Scalable, flexible, resilient, secure, powerful, and green
  • 1,600 sqm of Technical space for dedicated computer rooms

  • 4 segmented computer rooms

  • 100 racks scalable up to 160 racks

  • Designed to Tier III site classification

  • 24x365 manned security and CCTV surveillance

  • Access control based on biometrics and card combination

  • Fire protection and suppression throughout all Data Centre and Support Facilities

  • 2 x 1.6MW in-house substations and 2 x 1MW onsite backup generator capacity

  • 400kW UPS capacity

  • Autonomy of 72 hours

  • Full system monitoring and automated change-over switching

  • Truly redundant dual power feeds to all racks

  • Closed control AC units for an optimum operating environment at 24 degrees with 50% humidity

  • 24 x 365 temperature monitoring

  • Direct connectivity from 3 Telcos and diverse routing with multiple ducting

  • 2 independent in-house communication rooms

  • 70,000m copper cabling and 8,000m fibre cabling within data centre

  • Building Monitoring System to facilitate shutdowns of unnecessary use of equipment and systems

  • Comprehensive Energy Monitoring System to lock power consumption by the hour down to rack level

  • 20kW Photovoltaic Plan

  • Solar water heating systems


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