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National Data Portal

The present Open Data Portal (Beta) will be replaced by a new National Data Portal which will be used for the harvesting of metadata for the European Data Portal

The new National Data Portal will have two main sections namely the (1) Open Data Portal and behind it the (2) Internal Data Sharing services.

The Open Data portal will be the one-stop shop for the discovery, viewing, downloading and on-line usage of data which is classified and has all the requirements of the Open Data​ definition.

The data services available from this part of the national data portal will not require any user registration or authentication and all the functionality will be made available to any user whether a previous registration has been made or not. If a voluntary registration is made this can only be to enable “push” notifications that are of benefit to the user and should not in any way serve as a discriminatory tool.

The sharing of data in a structured approach will be implemented though the facilities that will be developed under the National Data Portal specifically to replace the present data related facilities currently served by the Corporate Data Repository (CDR) intranet.

The section of the National Data Portal which will be dedicated to the internal data sharing will be restricted to Public Administration Officers and any other person who are authorised and accepted to form part of the processes relating to the dissemination and consumption of Data Services.