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Public Services Online

The PUBLI​C SERVIC​ES ONLINE project aims to increase the citizens’ use of a number of eGovernment services. For this project MITA is working closely with a number of Ministries in charge of the eServices included in this project (i.e. agriculture, taxation, employment, public registry, social policy and as well as with the Commissioner for Simplification and Reduction of Bureaucracy. 

For the successful execution of this project MITA has partnered locally with the Centre for Development Research and Training (CDRT) and internationally with the Danish Agency for Digitisation. 

For more information on the eServices chosen for this project please visit ​


This project aims at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Government through more user-focused eServices based on feedback from the citizens. It also aims to train more public officials so that they in turn encourage and empower citizens to use eServices. The project will end towards September 2015.  


  • Up-skilling Training Programme: An up-skilling programme to a number of Government employees who provide assistance and services to the community. The goal is to strengthen the officials’ competences and attitude to guide citizens to the digital channels available when responding to a query or providing a face-to-face service. 
  • Knowledge Transfer Seminar: A seminar with various decision makers within Government to discuss the strategy ahead to leverage technology for the simplification of public administration and the provisioning of the next generation of eGovernment services. Click here for Presentations


The research study is aimed at guiding the implementation of the simplification reform championed by Government and to base the delivery of eServices through market intelligence. 

The research will help Government plan and design the availability of further eServices around more citizen-centric principles. 

Awareness Raising Campaign:

This educational campaign is aimed at the general public to increase the citizens’ awareness on the availability of a number of eServices. The public, including businesses, will be informed of a selection of eServices which are currently available and will be guided on how to access and use these eServices. 

To facilitate the use of the selected eServices a number of self-help video tutorials will be created. These videos will offer a step-by-step guide to citizens where it will be explained how one can access and navigate the eServices. Leaflets detailing the use of the eServices will also be distributed door-to-door. 

This campaign will be promoted from May to June of this year, on TV, radio, billboards and other means. 

We will be uploading the campaign materials on this page and on ​