MITA has been the IT backbone for the past 30 years. Through
its experience and innovation in technological services, it has
continuously helped many government entities all over our
islands to progress in the best means possible.

As an entity itself, MITA wants to continue being itself as the
digital leaders of our islands. Continuing to secure its position
as being the driving force of technological solutions in Malta.
Over the years it continues to grow and further develop along
with times, but always making sure that it keeps the same core
values close to heart.

The Basics

Use the MITA logo
Use the MITA logo to promote MITA on advertising and branding material.
Keep the shape, colour and proportions
In order to have accuracy and balance, only use the logo provided here. These are the only approved assets of MITA.
Keep logo breathing space
Our logo is important, it should be given space, allowed to be noticed. The best way to do this is to use the following guide to ensure that nothing is too close to the logo.
Don’t change the colour of our logo
Never change the colour of our logo, always use the MITA colours.
Don’t use any other logo or icon
MITA is represented only by the logo below. Never create/use any other logo or icon found from another source.
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