Facilities at Data Centre

The MITA Data Centre meets hosting requirements to satisfy the myriad of ICT business systems and solutions across government and allows the Agency to adopt new technologies easily for economies of scale and efficiency. It enables availability of government Services 24 x 7. To ensure business continuity, the Data Centre is equipped with the appropriate physical security arrangements and power and technological components. Through investment in renewable energy and the procurement of energy efficient equipment, the Centre operates in a ‘greener’ fashion.

Designed and built to Tier III Site classification by uptime

technical space for dedicated computer rooms

segmented computer rooms

racks scalable up to racks

manned security and CCTV surveillance

Fire protection and suppression throughout all Data Centre and Support Facilities

Access control based on biometrics and card combination


Full system monitoring and automated change-over switching

MW in-house sub-stations and 2 x 1MW onsite backup generator capacity

Onsite fuel autonomy of 72 hours

MW in-house sub-stations and 2 x 1MW onsite backup generator capacity

Closed control AC Units for an optimum operating environment at 24 degrees with 50% humidity

Truly redundant dual power feeds to all racks


Temperature Monitoring

Direct connectivity from 3 Telecos and diverse routing with multiple ducting

copper cabling within the data centre

Independent in-house communication rooms

fibre cabling within the data centre

Building Monitoring System to facilitate shutdowns of
unnecessary use of equipment and systems

Comprehensive Energy Monitoring System to closing monitor power consumption at rack level

Photovoltaic Plan


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