National Cyber Security Coordination Centre

The objectives of the National Cyber Security Coordination team within the Information Security & Governance Department are:

  • To actively support the implementation and upkeep of the National Cyber Security Strategy, in collaboration with national and international stakeholders;
  • To conduct, in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders, a nation-wide cyber security awareness and education campaign, in line with the National Cyber Security Strategy;
  • To act as the policy coordinator on behalf of the National Cyber Security Steering Committee, following the global cyber scene whilst collating and organising feedback from various national entities concerned with respect to Malta’s position to be presented at an international level;
  • To ensure the alignment of communications relayed by MITA with respect to Information Security matters;
  • In line with the EU Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre and the Network of National Coordination Centres:
    • Act as contact point at the national level to support the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre.
    • Engage and coordinate with the industry, the public sector, the academic and research communities and citizens, including authorities designated pursuant to the EU Network and Information Security Directive, to build up a local community.
    • Facilitate the participation of civil society, industry, academic and research communities and other actors in cross-border projects.
    • Provide technical assistance to stakeholders.
    • Promote and disseminate cybersecurity educational programmes.
    • Assist requests by entities to form part of the Cybersecurity Competence Community.
    • Implement specific actions for which grants have been allocated, including cascading funds.

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