The objectives of the Cyber Defense and Advanced Operations team within the Information Security & Governance Department are:

  • To establish the Agency’s Cybersecurity vision, developing technical and strategic roadmap in line with the shifting sands of Cybersecurity;
  • To plan, monitor and execute regular security posture assessments to bolster the Government’s Cybersecurity posture. Ultimately deriving maximum value from these assessments by applying learning and ensuring stronger defences;
  • To analyse and develop an understanding of Government’s digital assets and underlying infrastructures, to assess their exposure against the current threat landscape;
  • To research and engineer effective Threat Modelling techniques, which would assist in validating and verifying offensive techniques, tactics, and procedures.
  • To provide Information Security consultancy to internal teams and external clients, ensuring that the necessary technical security controls are applied in a timely manner, to reduce the exposure from cyber threats targeting Government’s digital assets and underlying infrastructure;
  • To actively participate in the Cyber Security Emergency Response team, relevant fora and lead advanced operations, simulating the mindset and responsibilities from both offensive and defensive perspectives.

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